Well I Ran

So Friday night for the first time since May I drank..Saturday I felt totally fine as I had about 6 drinks in the span of about 6 hours and drank vodka water. Buuut when I went to work out Saturday morning while Penn was napping I kept getting distracted by the phone and cleaning. So when Penn woke up I still hadn't worked out and I really wanted to. So I stood there and thought..'well I could just go for a run' ekkk made me nervous instantly. I haven't ran outside since my run at the end of August..... Two weeks before my race I screwed my knee up somehow but did nothing to help it..I was just so only worrying about doing my best at the race.. then right when I finished my race my knee swelled ALOT! I couldn't work out for a week and didn't do cardio for 2 weeks. I wore a knee brace for probably 2 weeks after that as well...and had to cut from 2 leg days a week to 1...the lunges made me almost cry everytime. So with time about 5 weeks this all got better..but I still hadn't ran..just the treadclimber...

Now I feel like I am in pretty good shape. I do cardio 6 times a week for 25-35 minutes a day..plus weights. YET running is still hard for me...its so much more then just running..its breathing and form and telling your body keep going when your mind wants to stop.

I did about 4 km on Saturday it was a perfect day for it..just needed a light zipup. (side note..the string on my zip up drove me nuts the whooole time, it kept hitting me in the face..grr)

The run itself bagged me. After I felt like I swallowed my throat...I clearly didn't have my breathing down during it. I also had to take a few walk breaks...ah that I hate, but it is what it is.

The next day my knee swelled and was throbbing all day. I wanted to do legs yesterday but because of my knee I could only do 25 minutes on the treadclimber and arms.

It appears I may have to come to the realization that I will never be a long distance runner. I wanted to do a 10km next summer but with the way my knee was during my run and after and still today..I think that wont happen...which truly irritates me. When I realized after my race that I may have really injured it and then worked on an injury I knew permanent was a possibility but I always have a nievness and figured 'oh no I will be fine'..well appears I was wrong.

So what I learnt from this is it really is so important to listen to your body...even when you think your fine..if your body is saying something else you have to listen. Let me be the first to tell you a permanent injury is not worth it.

Who knows maybe it will get better and maybe I will be able to run with a brace on the whole time..we will see. But knowing that I made the injury worse by pushing so hard really does make me angry.

None the less, no point beating myself up now about it..its Monday so what a better day to start fresh with everything..diet..harder workouts and hopefully good sleeps this week! (these teeth cutting of Penns are so hard on him right now :( and mom ) All the Halloween candy I like is now out of myself so no more little treats :)

Happy Monday everyone, hope its fabulous!


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