Well Im going to be in a commercial

Last March if you said I would be where I am today..I would have laughed - never going to happen…ME in a commercial..

Bowflex flying ME, Lorne & Penn to LA for 5 days….never going to happen…..

WELL it is -- next week and I'm SOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It hasn't been a secret that I love my Treadclimber -

It didn't just help me loose weight, it changed my WHOLE outlook on fitness & living a healthy life.

At the end of last February we went on a family vacation to Disney World..and well I had my breaking point. Lorne and I had to run 2 blocks to catch the bus that the rest of our family (including Penn were on) because we forgot his bottles.

I couldn't do it.

I had to stop and walk the last little bit.

When I got on that bus, I was mortified. Physically & emotionally drained.

I was SO out of shape, a simple task I couldn't do.

I think of that moment and it still makes me tear up....

I couldn't do it anymore - all the yo-yo dieting, loosing and gaining. Not to mention looking for every excuse to not have to get off my butt and workout. I was trapped in the lifestyle and body I didn't want.

SO literally when we got home I told Lorne - I am ordering a Treadclimber.

I had seen the commercials…they said 'All you have to do is walk' and well I sure as hell knew I couldn't run.

We ordered the TC10 right away

That night we set it up I remember feeling so nervous..I couldn't even remember the last time I had worked out….and even when I did 'work out' before I never stuck to it…I couldn't. So to say I was nervous was an understatement.

That first time on the TC (thats what I call the Treadclimber) I remember going 1.7 for 15 minutes..I was sweating and could really feel the burn…but nothing was 'hurting'. All my joints felt great - my knees didn't hurt, my ankles didn't hurt - all the things before that would make me want to stop were telling me I could keep going.

I was finding that I could increase my speed quickly.

Then I was increasing my time..I was doing 20-25 all of sudden.

The weight was literally falling off. After 2 weeks I fit into jeans that I couldn't do up before.

I was hooked.

It didn't take long before I started to realize working out and loosing weight is more then a number and more then a 'goal'..its changing your lifestyle and the way you think about things, and that came from the Treadclimber…this machine gave me the confidence in myself that I CAN workout and workout HARD and most importantly I can see results! I have told you before I was a 'see results yesterday' kind of girl before..and the fact that my body was changing so quickly allowed that mentality to TRY other 'fitness' things came from succeeding on this machine.

With my cardio I started doing workout dvds, and using Lornes Bowflex weight machine…then I started lifting free weights..THEN I got really brave and signed up for my first 5K race. I could only run outside on the weekend so I used my TC to help me train too! These are things 'old Chandell' wouldn't have even considered!!

Now if your side eyeing me thinking 'its just a machine' --

To me its not. I won't even tell you about makeup unless if I loved it - think I would tell you about an expensive machine..NO!

Did it take dedication? Absolutely

Did it take a healthy diet? Yes

Did it give me huge results? 100%

I have said it before - working out and loosing weight is a constant mind game…some days the hardest part of my workouts are getting my butt downstairs to actually start the workout.

BUT like I just said..this machine changed my whole viewpoints.

I want to take that time to workout and better myself -

I want to be able to run with my son

I want to throw him in the air 40 times if he wants

I want to teach Penn that you can live a healthy active life and still be 'normal' and not miss out on things.

I want to better myself

And most importantly I never wanted to be the person I was before…the one who couldn't run 2 blocks, the one who asked her husband daily 'do I look fat in this' and constantly was looking for the next 'IT' thing that was going to make me skinny while doing nothing. Trust me …it doesn't exist.

If you are willing to dedicate yourself to this machine…you will see results.

I am on it 5-6 times a week for 25-35 minutes (depending what else I am doing) and I go about 3.7-4

(4 is max)

I recommend it to everyone..if it could change my life it can change ANYONES!

I just love it



The fact that I will be in their next commercial so I can tell millions of views how much I love this machine…its absolutely insane!!!

Me…in a commercial…AH!

Now I know you all want to know ---what? pardon? How did this happen?

Back in February I got an email - Lorne was at hockey & Penn was sleeping…I was bored

It was an email from Bowflex (I am assuming everyone who ordered one in the last year would have gotten) I don't even know if I woulda opened it on a normal 'busy evening'..

but I did and it said:

'Share your story and you could win'…me being me…didn't read it all - just got excited..

I was all like 'well I love my tread climber, and well I have a story' so I sent it in thinking I would get like a 'participation' water bottle or something….


Well I got a reply right away…

Then a conference meeting was set up..

All this time me still thinking like well its not like they actually want me.

Then the beginning of March they 'officially' offered for me to be in the commercial and to fly us to LA…

Me being me…I laughed a lot. …seriously a lot …then did a lot of pacing & smiling…

I just couldn't stop thinking

a) ya right where is the catch


b) Isn't there someone better they want?!

hahaha its just this is by FAR the coolest thing that has happened to me, not to mention I feel (not in a negative way) I am average..my story is just me, I just thought there has to be someone more exciting then me..Married mom, from a small city in Saskatchewan Most importantly I just feel SUPER honoured.

Its all just absolutely crazy

Lorne of course being Lorne was PUMPED and all like 'Well jeepers Im gonna have to get my chest waxed or something if I am going to LA' and cracking jokes immediately hahaha always a comedian that one.

It really already has been SUCH an amazing experience so far..they all seem genuinely soo excited for us, and just want us to have this fabulous time while we are there.

For the commercial 'shooting' part I am actually not so nervous for the talking part or being on the machine..because well I know I love it, and I am on it almost every day so its no different.

Im actually most nervous with what they will dress me in and how they will do my makeup hahah! (not totally but like a bit) haha

Then I keep reminding myself..these are wardrobe and makeup professionals….I am sure it will be fabulous!


For the trip I am most nervous about Penn…ah I just hopppppe the plane goes well, and the listening is happening..and well that he has a great time too! We are staying right in Santa Monica, so I can't wait to just take him in the water and be outside playing! Finally beautiful non stop weather!!!

We also are staying an extra day and checking out Disneyland!! We actually already have a trip planned to Disney World next January buuuuuuttt I can't be where Disney is and NOT go…plus I have never been to California, so I am just SUPER stoked to check it all out!!

So this secret has been SUPER hard for me to keep because its sooo exciting and crazy I wanted to spill a long time ago - but now that I have.. I will be updating you all on how it all goes!!

Wish me luck!!!


AKA Treadclimber commercial Star haha

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