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As I head down the road to nationals, I have to get up and utilize my support system. It does not make me stronger to go without. I'm talking about the support system outside of my family, the people that keep me moving. I have the amazing advice of my coach who can tweak and adjust things as I need, but also the different therapists and professionals that keep me moving. My body post op is different, so I have to learn to work with that and I do not want setbacks. I see a chiropractor to work on back imbalances, a physio for any muscle work and massage to help keep me moving. Having a system put in place keeps me moving and training, it does not mean you are weak. It's the opposite. It means you have drive. I want to keep moving and training and there are all kinds of people that are willing to help.

Each day in training so far has been like Christmas, a bit of a gift. Making lifts that I haven't been able to complete for a while. My body is readjusting and having to relearn a few things, but having the supports around me to keep me going has been key. Mobility, yoga and core development has also been ramped up to support the changes.

In life and in training we push ourselves and its wonderful to know that there are such supports to help us reach our goals and keep us mobile and aligned. I have tried a few things that have worked for me from acupuncture to fire cupping and the joy of ice baths (my least favorite thing).

Finding a therapist that understands your sport and activity is key. Everyone I work with also understands that they have to be vocal with me instead of showing me things and that helps immensely. They may not have worked with a lot of athletes with vision loss, but they sure have been fantastic.

When I began my program, I won't lie, I had a few doubts as to what I could do. My coach knew me better than I knew myself and for this, I am so grateful. She was also willing to adapt on the fly. Every set I have been able to do, building my confidence, another way of keeping me moving, onwards and upwards.

I have a great system surrounding me. I am very thankful for each person that keeps me going. I strongly recommend adding to your training toolbox, good therapists and professionals that help get you to your goal. I find within my job people have additional coverage that they don't use, treat your body well so it continues to treat you well. Keep movin'.

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