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So when I write a post on here I always am thinking about it the whole day, you know to ensure I get all my thoughts right so when I talk(type) it out, I don't forget anything. Oh and if you wondering I never really re read my posts (hence there is tons of spelling or grammar mistakes) If I ever re-read them I would critique and pick apart every sentence then never post it. But back to my post today :) I wanted to call it Work It Wednesday..until I remembered its Monday. Ah signs its going to be a long week.

Back to todays post.. lots of people ask me what I do, or what kind of workouts would be good for a beginner at the gym.

note all of this is my opinion, I am not a trainer, nor a fitness guru, I just am a mom who wants to be healthy, and these are my opinions on what worked for me.

First thing..You have to ask yourself are you actively trying to loose weight (pounds, fat mass, etc) IF Yes - CARDIO, CARDIO CARDIO

You need to get your heart rate up, you need to sweat and to need to get uncomfortable. By the end of your cardio you should be dripping... High intense intervals on any machine is really good for weight loss (example go full out for 5 minutes walk for 1) For me I really liked 5 minutes mid speed, 4 full out, 1 walking and I would go 25-35 minutes on my tread climber which is inclined. I also loved the Jillians 30 day shred DVD she incorporated 5 pound weights and gives you a great workout in 23 minutes. Now some people are runners…running does amazing things for your legs! But running is also super hard, to me one of the hardest excursuses you can do.

Next don't be afraid of weights…I started to see the most changes in my body when I incorporated weights, I never did lots just a few arm curls, bent side rows, squats things like that when I started. Simple moves that kinda everyone knows how to do…weights are intimidating and scary and all of us girls are lead to believe we will get bigger if we lift them…I promise you you will not! I am a pretty standard small in most tops, 6 in bottoms…I think if it wasn't for weights I would be stuck around that 165 range, and I am not. I love that I am strong and have muscles, I don't think I look 'big' muscly wise..I do think I still have fat to loose and I believe the more weights I lift the smaller I will get. SO many of my fitness people I follow on instagram talk about how the were 'skinny fat' (their words not mine) until they starting lifting weights. So screw the reputations girls that lift have and try to incorporate any you can in.

Also trust the process..unfortunately you can't work out once and be skinny the next day (trust me it was all I use to want) It takes time before you yourself see results, and it sucks and you will want to stop and you will think "well whats the point" Let me tell you though, there is a point..and it will happen! If you are consistent and eat healthy you will loose weight!

This was me around May-ish it was the first time I didn't wear my 'Yummie Mummy Sincher Tank' since giving birth. At this time I really thought this would be around as good as it could get I was about a month or so in and was dong 15-20 minutes cardio with Jillians DVD 6 days a week.

OR Be serious with yourself and ask are you just wanting to tone? Is your body a little bit more fluffy then you would like it to be in a bikini. If Yes then hit then weights hard! Starters for any exercises using a machine try to do 30ish pounds then work your way up or down, and free weights start with 10 pounds not me you can do more then 5 pounds I promise.

Have days for targeting each body part (Legs, Chest & back, Shoulders, Arms) and do some cardio but doesn't have to be crazy. (this is where I am right now)

I work out 6 (some weeks 5 if the week is insane) I do 15-30 minutes (depending on how much time I have) of cardio with 25-35 minutes of weights. Trust me I would love to do more but the truth is I am a mom..I have a zillion things to do, and the odd day if I can only get in a 30 minute workout that will have to do. For me I think it is important to still do some intense cardio and I try to lift as heavy as I can. I do circuits with about 8-12 reps each depending on what exercise I am doing.

And yes I think I am 'JACKED' when I am working out..but when I am in my normal clothes and not flexing..I am just normal.

Consistency to any of this is key and listening to your body…when your body says rest, rest. and when your body can take more do it!

Anyways so whatever works for you in your workouts just remember you can finish what you started!!

We got this!


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