Workout Update

So if you are wondering I wanted to fill you in on what I have been doing with my workouts. So awhile back I filled you all in on the Jamie Eason program. Her workouts are seriously so good….unfortunately I had to pretty much quit. The workouts kept requiring more and more 'Gym" equipment I didn't have and I wasn't willing to go to the gym more then a once every 2 week nor do I have the time to..truth is I will never be a gym person. I just don't feel comfortable there.. Not to mention I have my own gym here...So I would totally recommend her program to anyone who goes to the gym and for me just wasn't right.

SO what I am doing now is just using some of the things she had in her workouts and making my own. I find when I do this it is when I work best…I've lost it all this way so why change now.

I also totally decided for January to bring back 'Jillians 30 Day Shred'. This DVD is where it all started for me and after my Christmas break I knew doing some double workout days would be more then ok! So I am doing 3 days with Jillan (each level) ontop of a regular workout that day.

I also want to cut back on my cardio to 15-30 min (depending on the day) and focus more on weights! I seriously love how strong I feel and I know cardio is important but I think where I am at weights are more important.

ALSO as much as it kills me to say I HAVE to get better with doing abs! Its funny because its my worst area and what I am most self conscious about so you would think I would concentrate on it more..but no I hate it..I do not like doing any of it because I am not strong while I do it so I give up easily. CLEARLY I know that I wasn't strong with arms or legs when I started ..but I am now so its all just a mind game if that makes sense. So I am going to be doing full on AB days.

Getting a new calendar to write my workouts in was also neat because I totally looked through my old ones and not to sound 'full of myself' but it made me proud of myself. I like that I was able to look back and say "You worked really hard" I didn't even read what I did each day but I just seen all the writing and was proud.

Here was my very large calendar haha

Soooo I hope whatever you guys have planned for your January is going to help you in feeling better about yourself or just making you stronger!

If I have learnt anything from all this, its that our bodies our capable of anything..its your mind thats the hard thing!


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