You CANT Quit!

A year ago this was me...

Dieting is the HARDEST part about loosing weight. It is this constant mind battle going back and forth of

'Should I' to 'Its not worth it' to 'F' it I, I want it' to 'EAT ALL THE CALORIES" haha

I have said it before and Ill say it again. Loosing weight is HARD..its not easy!

I wanted to quit more days then I wanted to keep going and some days I still sit in my workout gear forcing myself to go downstairs and just start already. Because who doesn't want to sit on the couch and take a break or have a nap or clean your house and the zillion things you could do OTHER then work out.

Not to mention all the yummy food other people eat around you..I use to say it all the time

"Its not fair, Lorne gets to eat whatever he wants"

LISTEN if your saying that

WAAAHHHH stop!! :)

A lot of things are not fair in life..and you not being able to eat fatty foods and not get fat - shouldn't be one of them. I know thats harsh but its true..and I had to tell it to myself. Some people have high metabolisms..some people are born with genetics on their sides..but you know what!

Thats their life not yours, and there is not point wasting time or energy feeling sorry for yourself. Its lifestyle and you HAVE to be positive and to just trust that the weight will come off as long as your consistent. Not to mention don't you want to feed your body good food??

I would ask Lorne constantly if he seen progress in my monthly pictures because I was seeing NONE! I don't even know what kept me was like the idea that all this was going to pay off I would one day see it. Not to mention I was putting in so much work I didn't want it to all be for nothing.

So thats when I started taking small victories and being proud of them..

For example these jeans - this was the first time I fit in the size 32 jeans since I had Penn and I zipped them up and had no over flow..this was an exciting day.

This shirt I remember was a medium and I was really excited that I was fitting in mediums again.

Ok I wore boots with this outfit, but I remember this was a tighter fitting shirt and I felt comfortable enough to wear it out in public.

Then all of a sudden literally nothing in my closet fit & I needed all new clothes..

Now today I feel like I am not where I want to be..but I am close. Not that I think there is ever a "finish" to fitness and just living healthy. I just think I am almost to a point where I don't think I can do more and still live the life I want.

I am healthy - I work out 6 sometimes 5 days a week. I eat fairly healthy and I am stronger and healthier then I have ever been in my life.. Sizing is so inconsistent but I have pants 27-29 that fit. And truthfully the sizes don't really matter anymore.

Heres the thing..I have snacks and treats when I want them..

I don't meal prep, I am not a good cook so I cook a lot of the same I just do what works for me. I am not a body builder and I am not trying to loose for a event..I am just trying to balance it all.

To be healthy.

For example..

I didn't have more then 4 alcoholic drinks from March when I started to August when we went camping. The calories in booze weren't worth it to me at that time in my weight loss. If I was cheating lets be serious I was having a plate of nachos haha! But in all seriousness if your having treats every other day you won't see as much changes as you would if you didn't…

You CANT outwork a bad diet!!

Where as now I will have a paralizyer or two..if we are together with someone having drinks.

Dont think for a second I won't do an extra 10 minutes of cardio the next workout, I will..but I will enjoy that. Thats life to me.

I don't really have a goal..or a number anymore. Part of me thinks I could trim another 5- 8 pounds putting me at 137 ish but I don't know. I have been at 145 for 5 months now, and being totally honest when I figured that out I was SUPER I have hit 143 a couple times but never maintain there..

Then it clicked to no I should be proud…I have maintained my weight while still I should be proud!

And I am..I am proud of how hard I've worked, and how committed I have stayed.

So if you're reading this and wondering how do I start, or how do I say no, or how do I keep going…the answer is, you just do! Trust the process and don't give up!! Don't have to start ALL over again, don't quit!

Because you will see results, and one day you will look at a picture and say 'wow I guess I have come a long wase' I just did looking at all these pictures…ha

ANNND if this Mcdonalds/poutine/pizza/chips & dip/ POPCORN lover 101 over here can eat healthy.

You can too!!


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