You have to make fitness a priority in your life

Getting older is a gift. Truly I know this, but why is thinking about being older so hard for me.

I recently turned 27 - now I know 27 is still young or at least I am going to tell myself it is. Yet each year I can feel the weirdness of truly not being considered 'young' anymore. Coming from someone who is the youngest of 4 kids, I started dating my now husband when I was 15 and he was almost 19 (trust me the age gap sounds ridiculous now to me too) and was married at 20. I have always been considered 'the young one' but somehow, somewhere along the way it happened and I am not really considered young anymore. I never thought I would be a person who didn't want birthdays but here I am and now I am that person who just wants to pretend like I am still 23.

Now don't get me wrong - not because I want my life at 23 - my life right now at 27 I wouldn't trade for the world. Yet my maturity level is hardly that of a real adult and when you throw a Disney movie on it goes even lower... like way lower and I feel waaaaay to good to be anything more than early 20s.

That's why I feel like I should be 23.

Now I always hear: the older you get the more your body changes. But truth is, it's the more YOU change.

Yes, your metobolism slows down, and yes it is harder to find the time to be active. But truthfully, it's you who has to decide to make fitness a priority in your life.

And it would be easier to sit on the couch or crush a bag of chips and it would be easier to use that time for working out to do absolutely anything else in your house like clean your floors... but you know what, it's not going to make you feel better about yourself. It's not going to give you the satisfaction that you are being healthy and active for you, for you to be better for yourself and for your family.

I believe everyday you have a new oppurtunity to change the future, to change yourself. But you have to change your mind, you have to believe that you can do it, and you have to start. No one can make you 'want it.' You need to find that in yourself, but once you have thatm, the belief that you can do this... there is nothing that can stop you!

Honestly just start today, because I know that if you do you will feel better about yourself tomorrow.

Here's to making 27 a great year! It will be hard to top 26, but I know more than ever - Anything can happen!!-Chandell

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