More Kathleen approved "do anywhere" workouts!

More Kathleen approved "do anywhere" workouts!

This is part two of my "do anywhere" workout series! The main take-away from part one is - "don't use the pull of relaxing on a dock, traveling, or drinking on a patio as an excuse to become a sloth! It is possible enjoy summer AND maintain your fitness! The key is to have a few workouts in your back pocket that you can literally do anywhere — in a hotel room, in your living room, or even on the dock at the cottage". In part one I shared the "joy" of tabata intervals.

This time I am outlining how to do my "10 by 1 minute" workout and "11's". Both are convenient yet effective workouts that you can do anywhere. Basically, with these workouts you have no excuse to be inactive!

Go-to workout # 1: 10 by 1 minute sets

This workout will take twenty minutes. It consists of two 10-minute sets. If you are feeling really brave add a third 10 minute set. Each set is broken down into 10 one-minute intervals. Within each minute, you must complete two exercises back-to-back. Done early? Relax for the remainder of the minute. If it takes you the full minute to complete both exercises then you have to immediately start your next interval. I have outlined two possible combinations, but feel free to experiment. try burpies and jumping jacks. Or, if you have weights try bent over rows and bench press.

Set No. 1

Push-ups: On your knees or toes, bend your elbows to lower your chest down towards the ground. Exhale as you push yourself back up. Repeat eight times. For an extra challenge, after each push-up, try jumping your feet toward your hands and stand up. Lower yourself down again, place your hands back on the ground and jump your feet back to the starting position.

Squats: Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Bend at your hips, knees and ankles and sit your bum backward like you are sitting in a chair. Repeat eight times.

Set No. 2

Plank scapula retractions: In a plank position, balancing on your hands and toes, bring your shoulders blades together and then apart. Keep your arms straight and your lower back neutral. Try and activate the muscles between your shoulder blades. Repeat eight times.

Lunges: Step backwards with one leg. Bend both knees so your body moves towards the floor. Use the bum muscle of the front leg to stand back up. Alternate legs for eight reps.

Go-to workout #2: 11's

Pick two exercises. Go back and forth between the two exercises. The total number of repetitions should always equal 11. For example, do 10 push-ups and one squat thrust. Then, nine push-ups and two squat thrusts. Keep decreasing the push-ups and increasing the squat thrusts by one repetition until you finish with one push-up and 10 squat thrusts.

Squat thrusts: Start standing with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand at your sides. As you squat down, do a biceps curl. As you stand up, push the weights up over your head. Return the weights to their starting position and repeat. Don't have weights, use soup cans or do squat jumps.

Experiment! Try different "fun" exercises and workouts. The world is your fitness oyster - have fun!

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