Results: Knee Sleeves - 2 product(s)

Results: Knee Sleeves - 2 product(s)

Belts, Straps, & Gloves

Flaman Fitness carries a wide variety of belts and straps for weight lifting and strength exercises. For protecting your core and providing compression, weight lifting belts are offered in multiple sizes, thickness, and shapes. In addition, we supply dip belts for hanging weights while performing dips, pull-ups, or other functional exercises. To aid grip while lifting with your arms we offer straps that range from basic weaves to padded straps with velcro binding.

Weight lifting straps and belts are essential for properly and safely performing heavy strength exercises. They provide much needed support and stabilization that protect from injury. Belts and straps ensure your weight lifting exercises can focus on the targeted muscles without putting undo strain on other parts of the body such as the pelvis, abdominals, wrists, and fingers. Weight lifting belts and straps are a vital accessory for any strength training routine and available from Flaman Fitness locations across Canada as well as online.


Flaman Fitness is the largest dealer of fitness equipment in Western Canada with a growing number of locations in Ontario. Our staff has the expertise to advise you on what kind of belts and straps will be most effective for your strength training needs. We offer weight lifting belts and straps from a number of reputable brands that have been carefully selected to meet stringent quality standards. Visit a store for more information or buy online if you already have a product in mind. Flaman Fitness ships belts and straps across Canada and provides free in-store pick up for online orders at most locations.


Weight belts and lifting straps have been around almost as long as weights themselves. Aside from providing confidence in your posture and grip, they are key safety and performance aids. Whether you are just starting strength training or an accomplished body builder, belts and straps are a fundamental accessory to maximize your weight lifting effectiveness. Belts and straps perform separate but related functions that are described below.

Weight Lifting Belts provide compression to the stomach and back that solidifies the core muscles to improve stability and prevent things tearing under strain. Dip belts provide much the same benefits with the added ability of attaching extra weight in a comfortable manner. When lifting heavy weights, safety and proper form are of paramount importance; weight lifting belts are designed to prevent injury and aid lifting power.