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Bowflex 5.1S Bench

$349.00$349.00 $349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00 $349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00 $349.0036% OFF
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Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench

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Bowflex 5.1S Bench

$349.00$349.00 $349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00 $349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00$349.00 $349.0036% OFF

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It Doesn't ask for Much Space, but it Gives so Much Back

The top-of-the-line Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench is built for optimal workout versatility. This heavy-duty, commercial quality, steel design was engineered to be stored vertically, reducing its footprint by more than 50% when not in use.

Designed with both premium construction and incredible space saving in mind, the 5.1S Bowflex Stowable Bench is the company's finest bench yet.

Total Versatility

Adjusts to six different positions for total versatility: -20°, 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°.

Built Strong

Built strong to last long with heavy-duty steel construction and an impressive 600 LBS load capacity.

Positioning Support

Corrects posture and stabilizes positioning for a muscle-building free weight workout.

Transport Wheels

Wheels away for easy storage so you can stow it almost anywhere.



Bench Flat: Yes

Bench Incline: Yes

Bench Decline: Yes

Preacher Curl: No

Leg Developer: No

Leg Stabilizer: Yes

Bench Press Rack: No

Recommended Bench Press Bar: N/A

Plate Size: N/A

Adjustments: Adjustable Seat Pan, 6 Positions, Easy Position Selection Knob

Moving Wheels: Yes

Attachments Included: None

Attachments Extra: None

Capacity: 600 LB

Footprint - Length: 61.3

Footprint - Width (Inches): 28.1

Footprint - Height (Inches): 49.5

Machine Weight (LB): 70

Warranty: 30-Years Frame, 1-Year Parts

*This product is not eligible for refund or exchange. These products come with a warranty provided by the manufacturer, Bowflex, and is subject to change as decided by the manufacturer. For technical support, troubleshooting or ordering parts, please contact Bowflex customer service at 1-800-605-3369

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