Results: Folding Bench - 3 product(s)

Results: Folding Bench - 3 product(s)


If you are looking to buy a weight bench for your home gym, there are a lot more factors you need to consider than simply how adjustable it is. A large variety of different weight-training benches you can buy exist, so selecting one that fits your exercise needs is important. Flaman Fitness carries all the major types of different workout benches and weight benches, including flat and incline workout benches, Olympic-weight benches, benches for leg curls, leg extensions and arm curls, abdominal benches and more. Weight benches are excellent tools to help improve your strength-training workout, and even to do basic cardio exercises, ideal for beginners and pros alike. Weight benches from Flaman Fitness are great additions to your at-home gym and are a necessity for any small- or medium-sized commercial gym in Canada.


Flaman Fitness features a strong diversity of weight-training benches available to enhance your upper-body strength workouts thanks to our size across Canada, which supplements are product selections. As the largest chain of fitness stores in Western Canada and one of the largest across the whole country with additional locations in Ontario, we have the expertise to advise you on what kind of weight training bench is best for your workout requirements.

We carry weight benches from some of the top fitness brands in the world, including Bowflex, Inspire Fitness, LifeSpan, PowerBlock, Progression Fitness, Tuffstuff and X-plode, so you can be sure to find the perfect weight-training bench for your home gym.

Flaman Fitness in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario offers advanced adjustable benches and Olympic benches in addition to standard flat workout benches for a wide assortment of exercise options.

Gain an upper hand with hyperextension workouts, such as with the Inspire Fitness 45/90 Hyperextension Bench, to easily achieve otherwise complex workout positions that improve your core’s stability and strengthen your lower-back muscles, or look for advanced workout benches, such as the Tuffstuff Plate Load Leg-Extension/Curl Bench, to switch from leg extensions to leg curls in a breeze while also enjoying the benefit of an adjustable back setting.


Utilizing weight benches is an excellent way to target different muscle groups on your body with simple upper-body and lower-body workouts that would be more difficult to accomplish on other exercise machines.

Because of the versatility of exercise options on different kinds of weight benches, using them is an excellent opportunity to enhance your chest muscles and, on specialty abdomen muscles, really work your abs and enhance your core. From support for dumbbell exercises and pushups to arm and leg workouts, benches are a multipurpose addition to your gym with many advantages.

Benefits of weight benches are that they are conducive to lifting heavy weights because of the added support, the potential for increased upper-body muscle mass that they produce and how simple they are for exercise beginners, because they help you keep your posture, technique and breathing in check.