Results: Progression - 4 product(s)

Results: Progression - 4 product(s)


Indoor stationary bikes are great for exercise and are a perfect addition to any home gym. At Flaman Fitness, we offer a large selection of workout stationary bikes ranging from recumbent bikes, spin bikes and upright exercise bikes to provide you with a high-quality cardio exercise that also helps strengthen your legs and improve your overall health.  


Find the top-rated equipment for indoor workout bikes at Flaman Fitness, Western Canada’s largest fitness store for exercise bikes and one of the largest nationwide with additional locations in Ontario. We carry the best stationary bikes for home exercises, including from top brands such as Nautilus, Progression Fitness, Schwinn, Spirit Fitness, SportsArt and Universal.

The selection of indoor stationary exercise bikes at Flaman includes dozens of models of recumbent workout bikes, spin exercise bikes and upright exercise bikes to provide you with a full range of options to outfit your at-home gym.

Choosing between different kinds of exercise bikes can be a challenging dilemma for many customers when contemplating home gym ideas, which is why we provide you with as much information as you need to make the right decision for buying an indoor bicycle exercise machine.

Seated exercise bikes, or recumbent exercise bikes, are designed for comfort, offering cushioned seats relatively level to the pedals, allowing your arms to feel relaxed. Flaman Fitness recumbent bikes perfectly combine exercise features and style, such as the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike, which looks great with its back-lit LCD monitor and features built-in Bluetooth connectivity for data transfers.

Indoor spin bikes simulate outdoor bike-racing outdoor environments by allowing you to stand up or lean forward for full-bodied workouts to tackle your core, legs and upper body too. The Progression Pro Club 23 Spin Bike is built to commercial-grade quality and is ideal for any home gym with its multiple exercise resistance levels and low-noise belt-driven base.

The main benefit of upright bikes is that they most resemble real bike experiences, allowing you to adjust resistance to match different types of “roads”; plus, the upright position of your body perfectly engages your midsection and your core, giving your abdomens a strong workout in addition to your leg muscles.

Buy cardio exercise bikes online or from one of our many fitness stores across B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Working out on an exercise bike at home, whether it’s a recumbent bike, a spin bike or an upright exercise bike, provides numerous benefits to your overall health as it’s an excellent cardio exercise to get your blood moving. High-intensity cardio fitness workouts improve blood-flow efficiency by better moving oxygen around in your body, reducing the risk of heart disease and heart complications and increasing your lifespan.

Exercise bikes are convenient because they can be done in the comfort of your home, so you can avoid bad weather conditions, the dangers of car traffic or the risk of a flat tire!

Indoor workout bikes are also low-impact, which means that they’re easy on your joints. Studies also show that they reduce stress levels and contribute significantly to daily calorie burns, even with only 30 minutes of use.