Results: Weight Lifting Half Rack - 1 product(s)

Results: Weight Lifting Half Rack - 1 product(s)

Cross Training

Keep fit with Flaman Fitness’ supply of cross training and x-training accessories like kettlebells, slam balls, wall balls, battle ropes, plyo boxes and much more! Essential gear for HIIT workouts, functional exercises, cross-fit routines, and other x-training regiments that help build strength, endurance, and agility.

Cross Training (x-training) accessories are versatile and often used for exercises that target both cardio and power. Cross training involves combining exercises to work various parts of the body, most common of which are skipping, jumping, pulling, dragging, rowing, and swinging. Flaman Fitness offers a number of accessories to aid these exercises so your cross training efforts result in maximum performance.


Flaman Fitness prides itself on having staff with the expertise to advise you on the kind of cross training accessories that are best for your requirements. With stores across Western Canada and locations in Ontario there is likely a location nearby to supply the x-training equipment you want. In addition to cross training equipment like kettlebells, weight plates, rowing machines, chin-up bars, speed ropes, and lifting cages, Flaman Fitness supplies smaller accessories like gloves, boxes, hurdles, balls, bands, and rings. Visit a store for more information or buy online if you already know what you need. Flaman Fitness ships across Canada and provides free in-store pick up for online orders at most locations.


The goal of cross training is to improve overall performance. Often one workout activity targets certain muscle groups, but not others - cross training eliminates this imbalance through exercises that target the whole body. These types of exercises are often referred to as functional exercises and simulate conditions a person would encounter in every day life or during strenuous activity.

Being able to jump, pivot, step, pull, and drag are actions that require multiple muscle groups, but singular exercises don’t effectively train for these. It is common to use cross training equipment with high impact interval training (HIIT) as well as circuit training where a variety of exercises are executed in quick succession of one another. These types of workouts often include skipping with speed ropes, swinging kettlebells, jumping onto pylo boxes, performing body weight exercises with a pull-up bar, cycling on a spin bike, rowing, and throwing/bouncing slam balls.

Incorporating cross-training fitness equipment and workouts will enhance performance in all aspects of life and athletic endeavors. Feel free to contact Flaman Fitness for more information or if you have questions about any cross training products.