You might be longing to skim across a serene lake or venture out on an ocean excursion. Wherever your stand up paddle boarding passions take you, Flaman Fitness has the boards, accessories and advice to make summer shimmer for every budget and lifestyle. Whether you’re ready to try your first board or rock your best board, our selection has you covered – with a variety of SUPS and Supplies from names like Aqua Marina, POP, Coral Sea and VESL.

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Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are one of the hottest items on Canada’s cool lake, river and ocean waters. Whatever your lifestyle or budget, whether you’re a beginner or pro, Flaman Fitness has a full selection of inflatable and hard surface boards to keep your recreational paddling, surfing, fishing or yoga hopes gloriously afloat.

Drop by any Western Canada or Ontario location and ask our experts how top brands like Aqua Marina, POP, Coral Sea & VESL can make this summer your most memorable ever.

Choosing the Right Board

Paddleboarding combines the appeal of outdoor fun with the benefit of a full-body workout. You’ll get the best of both after weighing these options in your search for your perfect board.

1. Hardtop vs. Inflatable

Your first big decision is whether you want a solid or inflatable board to carry you through your summer. “What’s the difference?” you ask.

Hardtop boards – Paddle boards constructed of solid material provide superior performance and control on the water, but you’ll need a roof-rack and considerable garage space to transport and store them.

Inflatable boards -- These can be deflated for easy storage and transport but need to be inflated for use. Fortunately, proper inflation and features like double layer construction can give them surprising strength and durability.

2. Board Length

There are reasons some boards are shorter than others. Varying lengths serve different purposes:

- Short boards (less than 10’) – Short, lightweight boards give children the control they need to learn and surfers the control to show off what they’ve mastered.

- Medium length boards (10’-12’) -- These offer the perfect levels of control and stability for average paddlers enjoying calm waters.

- Long boards (over 12’ 6”) – These are the choice of advanced paddlers, who like to cover long aquatic distances in short periods of time.

3. Board Width

Paddleboards are typically 25 to 36” wide. Boards wider than 31” will generally provide more stability, which is great for a family outing with the kids but will lack the maneuverability adventurous types want. Conversely, narrower boards (less than 30”) deliver better performance for skilled paddlers but lack the stability a beginner needs.

For further information, call or visit your nearest Flaman Fitness Location. Our expert advice will help you find the perfect board for your summer adventures.


Flaman Fitness is proud to have paddleboards for sale and on showroom display, so you can see them and ask our expert sales staff about your best option before you make a purchase! You can find a Flaman Fitness store near you across 5 provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. All in all, we have 36 locations that have the right equipment to help you achieve all of your fitness goals.