Results: Dumbbell Rack - 5 product(s)

Results: Dumbbell Rack - 5 product(s)

Weight Storage

Keeping your dumbbells and free weights organized and out of the way yet easily accessible helps to make for a safe and effective home gym area. Free weights are essential for a number of key muscle group exercises so keeping organized helps you find and use the weights without searching through a pile of equipment. Flaman Fitness carries weight racks and stands from suppliers such as X-plode, Progression Fitness, MD Buddy, TuffStuff, York, Bowflex, and more. Our racks and stands are designed to support and protect your weights to help you get the max out of your workout while conserving valuable workout space in your home gym.


We have weight racks and weight stands in various shapes and size such as horizontal dumbbell stands to hold up to 15 sets of dumbbells and barbell plate racks. Plus, we have vertical dumbbell stands that can hold up to 10 pairs of dumbbells in a very small footprint, saving you valuable floor space in your home gym or commercial fitness centre.


Dumbbell stands not only help you keep the workout area tidy and uncluttered but also help to prevent injuries as placing the weights off the floor requires less bending and strain.

Keeping free weights organized is easy, even fixed weight barbells and curls bars, using free standing racks from Flaman Fitness. These weight racks hold up to 10 weights and can be re-positioned to make optimal use of your gym space.

For your select a weight dumbbell sets such as Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells and Power Blocks we carry the dumbbell stands to position the weights at a comfortable height off the floor making weight selection easy and reducing strain bending over to pick up heavy weights. For other equipment such as medicine balls, exercise balls or Olympic plate sets we have several stands to choose from, capable of holding over 1000 lbs of weights or choose the combination weight plate holders and bar stands to keep your entire barbell sets organized. Weight stands help you get a good grip on your weights and pick them up easily.