Progression Fitness 35 Commercial Pullup Bar

$149.00$149.00 $149.00$149.00$149.00$149.00$149.00 $149.00$149.00$149.00 $249.00
Progression Xplode PFX35 Commercial Pullup Bar

Progression Fitness 35 Commercial Pullup Bar

$149.00$149.00 $149.00$149.00$149.00$149.00$149.00 $149.00$149.00$149.00 $249.00

Get a grip on affordable, any-time chin-ups, kipping, L-hanging and more with the Progression X-Plode PFX35 commercial chin-up Bar. This ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted “stud” bar fits perfectly into your home gym, garage or basement, leaving plenty of space for other fitness equipment or for workout space. The wide grip is perfect for leg lifts, knee lifts, and L-hangs to fortify those abs and Lats.

You won’t wobble, shake or sway thanks to sturdy anchoring hardware for concrete surfaces. With the proper lag bolts (not included), you can also solidly secure your PFX35 to wood studs or floor/ceiling joists. It mounts at a standard 48" on center, with the option of hanging the 52” long bar 14” or 22” inches from your ceiling or wall.

The PFX-35 also provides solid support your gym rings, super bands and suspension trainers, making for a wide variety of home workout options you can perform whenever you want in a very compact space.



  • Distance From the Wall is 24”

  • Overall Length x Width: 4'4" x 2'

  • Length and Diameter of Handles: 4'4" x 1 1/4" D

  • Can Support up to 500 LB on Proper Surface.

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