Results: Hyperextension Bench - 1 product(s)

Results: Hyperextension Bench - 1 product(s)

Workout Stations

For the old or young, fitness experts or beginners to exercising, using a strength-training exercise machine is an excellent and convenient option for everybody whether you have a gym membership or looking to do some strength reps at your home gym in the middle of an intense workout. From universal gym equipment to leg presses and calf machines, strength workouts on machines are a classic and effective method for building muscle and increasing strength. And Flaman Fitness offers a large variety of different workout stations for your at-home gym or for gym managers to add to neighbourhood or office gyms across Canada. So no matter how or where you workout, you can be sure that Flaman Fitness has the selection to make your exercise routine complete.


Flaman Fitness features one of the largest inventories of workout stations in all of Canada. Since establishing ourselves as Western Canada’s biggest chain of fitness-equipment stores—and one of the biggest in the whole country—whether you live in Ontario, BC, or anywhere in between, we offer everything from multi-station gyms, leg-press machines, hack-squat machines, functional trainers, the redefining Ab Coaster, exercise stations for arm curls, leg extensions and leg curls and more!

One of our most popular type of workout machines is a multi-station universal home gym. Universal-fitness equipment is versatile because of the wide range of exercise options they offer. They teach good posture, offer a comprehensive workout routine and are a safe option for beginners as well as a convenient go-to for professional fitness trainers.

The Tuffstuff Two-Station Multi-Gym System (AP-7200) allows for workout partners to train together and the wide-ranging Tuffstuff Light Commercial AP-7400 offers a complete home-gym workout with a 15-position hi-low pulley, all in one modular design. Plus, to tone your abs and obliques with precision, Flaman also offers the unique PS 750 Ab Coaster. Trim belly fat and strengthen your core muscles without back-strain on this one-of-a-kind machine for a tight waistline that’s almost impossible to get with traditional crunches or sit-ups.


Strength training on machines is a ubiquitously popular and productive way to increase your anaerobic-endurance levels and the size of your skeletal muscles. Without strength training, you also can’t take full advantage of cardo workouts since aerobic exercise medically offers low returns without mechanically working your muscles as well.

Universal home gyms and other workout machines for targeting different muscle groups and parts of your body are conducive to focusing on the exercise you’re doing as opposed to getting distracted by the mechanics of your movements. Such benefits of resistance machines allow you to hone in on specific muscle groups and also work with higher-than average resistance levels, such as heavier weights, than what most users are capable of with free weights.