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Stealthily Sneak Stretching Into Your Day

Stealthily Sneak Stretching Into Your Day

Every activity program should include the three pillars of fitness: cardiovascular fitness, strength, and mobility.Many of us — myself included — prioritize the cardiovascular and/or strength pillars. I prioritize running — mostly because it makes me feel like a million bucks — and too often I sacrifice stretching, mobility, and foam rolling. Recently I decided that pattern has to be rectified.My solution? Stealthily sneaking mobility and stretching into my day. Here's how...

Stretching Part Two: The perfect post workout stretching routine!

This may come as a surprise, but even though I know stretching is important, I find it hard to make myself do it. After a workout I just want to shower. My solution: I developed two quick, yet effective stretching routines. In a previous blog (make hyperlink) I outlined my dynamic flexibility routine. Below I have detailed my favourite static stretches.

Dynamic vs static stretches!

If you do static stretches before you train, STOP! Static stretches downgrade the nervous system and cool the body down. Save them for after your workout.Instead, use dynamic mobility exercises to warm up your body pre workout. Dynamic mobility exercises "turn on" the nervous system and prime the body for movement.