MS350 Full Body Stepper Demo Clearance

$3,590.00Price $4,999.99
MS350 Full Body Stepper Demo Clearance

MS350 Full Body Stepper Demo Clearance

$3,590.00Price $4,999.99

Located at Flaman Fitness Regina

 The MS350 adjustable seat not only provides a customized fit, but is also removable for wheelchair access. Patients can experience full body exercise through coordinated, linear, and natural 1:1 leg and arm motion. Self-adjustable stroke length accommodates patients' specific range of motion capabilities, providing low impact movement for knees, ankles, and hips in a safe semi-recumbent position.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple seat adjustments: 8 position swivel seat for ease of patient ingress and egress, 6 position recline seat back for hip angle adjustments, and fore/aft patient positioning.
  • Symmetry monitoring to measure bilateral power (example: Left 41 watts - Right 34 watts)
  • Direct wheelchair access along with the step-through frame design allows for easy on and off
  • Resistance mode Isokinetic for step speeds from 10 to 210 steps/minute.
  • Linked upper and lower body linear pattern
  • Adjustable position handles with articulating hand grips
  • Cushioned footplates with stabilization straps
  • Adjustable step range from 1 inch to 12.5 inches
  • Heart rate monitoring via handheld and telemetry
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