DiscGolfPark 9 Hole

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DiscGolfPark 9 Hole

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DiscGolfPark® was designed to make establishing a disc golf course easy. Disc golf is an activity for the whole family. An 18-hole course requires about 15-20 hectares (40-50 acres) of space. 

Disc golf is a game with an easy starting threshold, as it does not require accomplishing a green card familiar to golf. On the other hand, this means disc golf is being played by players of varying levels in skill and experience. A disc golf disc is a fast-flying object and it may cause damage when hitting people or objects. The possibility for accidents cannot be completely excluded, but with professional design the risks will be minimized. It is important to design the holes so that the safety of the other uses of the area as well as other disc golfers will not be compromised. Safety is an essential requirement of a DiscGolfPark. The use of the whole area is taken into account in design. Possible safety hazards are clearly presented on the course signs. 

DiscGolfPark® is the equipment partner of the Disc Golf World Tour.


DiscGolfPark®, 9 holes

  • Complete solution including professional course design, drawing maps and course equipment.

DiscGolfPark® Target, 9 pcs

  • High visibility target top. Top part is powder painted.
  • All parts hot dip galvanized.
  • 28 chains configured in two tiers for superior catching.
  • Comes with permanent set up.
  • This target is approved by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association), which means that it can be used in competitions.
  • DiscGolfPark Target is the most popular disc golf target in Europe.
  • 25-year industry-leading warranty in North America.

TeeSign, 9 pcs

  • TeeSign is designed for disc golf. TeeSign tells the essential hole information and makes playing a more enjoyable experience.
  • 10-year metal body warranty.


  • Painted metal frame.
  • Board size: 41 inches x 28 inches.
  • Laminated, UV-resistant digital vinyl print with aluminum background.
  • Drawing included.
  • 10-year metal body warranty.

Am TeePad, 9 pcs

  • Every disc golf hole begins on an initial throwing place – the tee. On new disc golf courses the most popular tee choice is turf. TeePad tees have a significant effect on the general impression and the usability of the course. A turf mat looks tidy and natural. In addition, they are durable and player-friendly, when maintained properly.
  • TeePad size 4.5’ x 7.5’.
  • Turf tuft length 3/4 inch.
  • Material: polyethene, color: green.
  • Turf mat warranty 3 years.

Course design

  • Professional design that results in a safe and interesting course for years to come.

Map drawing

  • Stylish graphics with accurate course information.