Bowflex Treadclimber TC100

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Bowflex Treadclimber TC100

$999.0067% OFF


Your Ultimate Fitness Companion The TreadClimber TC100 

The Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 is a standout member of the groundbreaking TreadClimber series and your ultimate fitness companion. This unit combines the best features of three cardio machines in a single, sleek design. Say goodbye to the dilemma of choosing between an elliptical, treadmill, or stepper, because with the TC100, you get all three at your fingertips. Experience the low-impact benefits of an elliptical, the calorie-burning intensity of a treadmill, and the muscle-toning action of a stepper.  

The TC100's unique design not only saves space but also caters to users of all fitness levels, from beginners looking to kickstart their fitness journey to seasoned athletes seeking an effective and challenging workout. Get ready to step into a world of limitless possibilities as you take control of your fitness goals with the Bowflex TreadClimber TC100, where versatility, efficiency, and results come together in one extraordinary package. 


A Quick Look at the Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 

The TC100 model, was engineered to deliver a superb low-impact walking workout experience with a maximum speed of 4 MPH. The TreadClimber features two individual mini treadmills, affectionately known as 'treadles.' It's the perfect companion for individuals seeking a low-impact, high-reward approach to their health and wellness journey. Step onto the TreadClimber TC100, and you'll experience a new dimension of fitness that is friendly on the joints while reach your fitness goals. 


Footprint, Portability, and Durability 

The Bowflex TC100 stands out with its innovative design, offering a more compact footprint when compared to many traditional treadmills and ellipticals available in the market. With dimensions of just 57 inches in length, 31.5 inches in width, and 59 inches in height, the TC100 efficiently utilizes space in your home, making it an excellent choice for those with limited room to spare. Additionally, the TC100 comes equipped with rear-mounted transport wheels, enhancing its maneuverability and ease of storage. The TC100 offers a versatile and space-saving fitness machine that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle 


Technology Benefits and Conveniences 

Offer two water bottle holders for staying hydrated during your workouts. A tablet/media shelf with a USB port allows you to enjoy your favorite shows while exercising without worrying about your device's battery life. The TC100 can export workout data to Bowflex Connect. 



Key Features  

  • Offers a low-impact workout 
  • Compact design 
  • Ideal for beginners 
  • Fully Backlit LCD Display with Speed, Distance, Time and Calories 
  • Speed Range 0.5 – 4 mph 
  • Heart-Rate Monitor 
  • Integrated contact grips 
  • Built-In USB Charging Port 
  • Compact Design 
  • Water Bottle & Media Shelf/Tablet Holder 


To increase the lifespan of your treadmill and keep it running smoothly, you should lubricate your treadmill deck every three months or every 180 hours -- whichever comes first. Get your treadmill lubricant here. 


Available at Flaman Fitness online or try before you buy at one of our 19 locations across Canada. 




4 Electronic Functions: Speed, Distance, Time and Calories

Speed Range: .5 – 4 mph

Fully Backlit LCD Display

Heart-Rate Monitor - Integrated ContactGrips

Built-In USB Charging Port

Compact Design

Water Bottle & Media Shelf/Tablet Holder

Bowflex® Worry-Free Warranty: 2 Years Coverage for Entire Machine

Includes Bowflex® Weight Loss Guide

Dimensions: 57" L x 31.5" W x 59" H (144.8 x 80 x 149.9 CM)

Minimum Ceiling Height: At Their Highest Point, the Treadles are 14.5 Inches From the Floor (36.8 CM). Add That to Your Height, Plus a Couple of Inches for Comfortable Clearance, to Calculate Your Minimum Ceiling Height

Transport Wheels: Moves Easily With Transport Wheels

Assembled Machine Weight: 158 LBS (71.8 KG)

Maximum Capacity: 300 LBS (136 KG)


*This product is not eligible for refund or exchange. These products come with a warranty provided by the manufacturer, Bowflex, and is subject to change as decided by the manufacturer. For technical support, troubleshooting or ordering parts, please contact Bowflex customer service at 1-800-605-3369

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