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Progression Fitness PFX9025 Smith Machine Package

$2,699.99$2,699.99 $2,699.99$2,699.99 $2,999.00

Price Drop

Progression Fitness PFX9025 Smith Machine Package

$2,699.99$2,699.99 $2,699.99$2,699.99 $2,999.00

Shape your body and enhance your coordination!

The Progression Fitness PFX9025 Smith Machine Package offers a ton of full-body strength-training exercises to comprehensively train your abdomen, arms, back, chest, legs, buttocks and other muscles.

Like its brother the 9020, this multi-use machine brings an impressive array of strength-training tools.  In addition to the Smith bar, you can test your strength against upper cables and a low cable pulley. The complete package includes a landmine post, pullup bar, cable-cross handles with adjustable chain, and a suspension training hook upfront.

But the 9025 goes its own way with safety spotters on the front so you can bring your own barbell and add free weight squats to your workout. You’ll also find ample pegs for weight plate storage. It’s all mounted on a sturdy, stable, steel frame featuring an eight-degree tilt for more ergonomic lifting.




  • Length: 59”/1500 MM

  • Width: 76”/1920 MM

  • Height: 86”/2200 MM

  • Net Weight: 463 LB /210 KG

  • Gross Weight: 507  LB/230 KG

  • Weight Capacity: 600 LB

  • Weight Capacity (Cable System): 300 LB

  • Olympic Plate Compatible: Yes

  • 7 FT Bar Included: Yes

  • Dip Handles Included: Yes

Exercises (some require optional bench – sold separately):

  • Smith Deep Squat

  • Smith Dead Lift

  • Free Weight Exercise

  • Incline Chest Press

  • Flat Chest Press

  • Weight incline

  • Press Squat

  • Triceps Extension

  • Arm Curl

  • Squat with cable

  • Wood Chopper

  • Hip Abduction

  • Pulley Triceps Extension

  • Seated Row

  • Alternating Chest Press and Chest Fly

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