Progression Plate Load Farmers Walk - (Pair)

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Progression Plate Load Farmers Walk - (Pair)-Farmer Walk Bars-Progression Fitness-1
Progression Plate Load Farmers Walk - (Pair)-Farmer Walk Bars-Progression Fitness-2
Progression Plate Load Farmers Walk - (Pair)

Progression Plate Load Farmers Walk - (Pair)

$119.00$119.00 $119.00$119.00$119.00$119.00$119.00$119.00$119.00$119.00$119.00 $119.00$119.00$119.00$119.00$119.00 $119.00


Target multiple muscles with one simple exercise.   

These Progression Farmer’s Walk Handles allow you to stroll away carrying loads totaling up to 600 LB

This exercise is the perfect challenge – and reward – for those who’ve come far in their strength training and still want to go further. The Farmer walk targets multiple muscles all at once: 

  • Calves 
  • Glutes 
  • Core 
  • Quads 
  • Back 
  • Shoulders 
  • Forearms 

Simple and Effective  

That muscle-building full-body workout comes courtesy of two specially designed handles that take up minimal space. Each sturdy handle offers 10” of loadable sleeve length measuring 2” in diameter. Just add your Olympic bumper plates and a regular collar (no specific collar needed, pick up your weights and WALK.  

The exercise idea is simple – with functional strength benefits proven by generations of pail-packing farmers.  In addition to building some impressive shoulder muscles, you'll gain grip strength and spur weight loss. This walk is also great aerobic exercise, pumping up your cardio and reducing your risk of heart disease. 

Designed for Safety and Comfort  

Progression Farmer’s Walk Handles are built solid with premium steel under a black powder-coat finish. They’re protected from abrasions for a longer lifetime. You’re protected, too. These handles are balanced so you can hold the weight close to your body but clear of your legs.  

Some consider it the most comfortable loaded carry possible.   



  • Sleeve Diameter: 2" 

  • Weight (Per Handle): 7 LB

  • Compact Farmer Walk Handle Guide 

  • Version 1 Version 2 

  • Capacity: 600 LB (300 LB Per Sleeve) 

  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 10"  

  • Handle Length: 4.5"  

  • Sold As Pair

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