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Star Trac 4 Series Recumbent Bike with 10" LCD

$4,449.99$4,449.99 $4,449.99$4,449.99$0.00$4,449.99$4,449.99$4,449.99 $4,449.99$4,449.99$4,449.99 $4,449.99
Star Trac 4 Series Recumbent Bike with 10" LCD
Star Trac 4 Series Recumbent Bike with 10" LCD
Star Trac 4 Series Recumbent Bike (4RB) Display

Sold Out

Star Trac 4 Series Recumbent Bike with 10" LCD

$4,449.99$4,449.99 $4,449.99$4,449.99$0.00$4,449.99$4,449.99$4,449.99 $4,449.99$4,449.99$4,449.99 $4,449.99

The new Star Trac 4 Series cardio line represents the company’s commitment to bringing light commercial-level quality and features to your home gym. The 4-RB Recumbent Bike is a splendid example of what this line has to offer.  

First, you’ll find plenty of control – with a touch button display that stays on as long as its plugged in, or if you’re counting kilowatts as well as calories, you have the option of self-generating power. The display comes on when you start pedaling. Once you get those pedals and monitor going, you can choose from 40 challenging levels of resistance.  

For something designed to help you sweat yourself into shape, this recumbent bike is sure intent on your comfort and convenience. That starts with a walk-through design that provides you unimpeded access to your ventilated seat and cushioned SOFT TRAC pedals.  This bike is equipped with USB charging capability and an integrated fan, which are standard to all products in this outstanding Star Trac cardio line. And like its fellow Series 4 machines, the 4RB is crowned with a 10-inch, full-colour, quick key-controlled LCD monitor – which itself can be crowned by a compatible 8-Series PVS entertainment screen.  



  • Active matrix, full color LCD display creates a premium user experience 
  • Quick Key selects for speed and incline allow for one-touch changes on the fly 
  • Integrated USB port provides charging capability for user devices 
  • Walk-through design and intuitive wrap-around seat adjust allow users to access and change seat position with ease 
  • Compatible with 8-Series PVS entertainment screens 
  • Contact and telemetry heart rate 
  • Integrated holder for water bottles and user devices 
  • Star Trac’s popular personal fan for comfort 
  • Soft Trac® pedals provide ultimate shock-absorbing comfort throughout the entire workout 
  • 40 levels of resistance 
  • Star Trac’s popular personal fan for comfort 
  • Electrical requirements: unit can be operated self-generating or plugged in; PVS option requires 12V/5 Amp power supply 
  • Powder-coated Steel frame 





Length: 66" (168 CM) 

Width: 26" (66 CM) 

Height: 53" (135 CM) 

User Weight Capacity: 350 LBS (159 KG) 

Product Weight: 212 LBS (96 KG) 

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