TuffStuff Hybrid Home Gym - SXT550

$4,999.99$4,999.99 $4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99 $4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99 $4,999.99
TuffStuff Deluxe Hybrid Trainer - SXT 550-Multi-Functional Gym-TuffStuff Fitness-1
TuffStuff Deluxe Hybrid Trainer - SXT 550-Multi-Functional Gym-TuffStuff Fitness-2

TuffStuff Hybrid Home Gym - SXT550

$4,999.99$4,999.99 $4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99 $4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99$4,999.99 $4,999.99


If you’ve agonized over whether you want a functional trainer or a traditional arm press/leg press station, it’s time to stop being torn and start getting ripped.

The TuffStuff SXT 550 Home Gym is the hybrid machine of your dreams. It offers the best of both worlds. While a fixed bar stabilizes your upper body presses, six preset pulleys in three separate training zones (high, mid, and low) provide cable-machine versatility and range of motion.

You can complete your full-body exercise station by adding TuffStuff’s optional SXT-LP Leg Press Attachment. It’s all hooked to a 200 LB weight stack, so novice and experienced users alike can do the right exercise at the right weight to safely build upper and lower-body strength.

Adjustable seat height and telescopic seat back adjustments help them exercise in comfort – as does high-density foam padding upholstered in double-stitched Naugahyde. The machine is as strong as its stitching – featuring 11-gauge tubular steel construction, strong MIG welds and a tough powder coat finish. The working parts meet the same standard for durability – including solid-steel pivot axles, sealed bearings, bronze bushings, high-performance cables and spring-loaded adjustment pins with 46052 psi sheer strength.

That’s how Fit Prof Award-winning home gym equipment is put together



Weight: 670 LB

Dimensions: L 81" x W 44" x H 84" 

Frame Materials: 2 × 3” 11-Gauge Oval Tubular Steel Frames With a Combination of 2 × 2” Round Tubing.

Welds: All Welded Construction by Inert-Gas MIG Welding Conforming With all Structural Welding Code – Steel Standards and Specifications.

Finish & Colors: Eight-Step Electrostatically Applied Powder Coat Finish.

Main frame: Platinum Sparkle Accent: Cathedral Gray

Upholstery: Durable High Density Pads Upholstered in Two-Tone (Black & Cadet) Premium Grade, Double-Stitched Material. High Density 2” Thick Rebond Urethane Foam Glued to 1” Industrial Plywood Backing, Trimmed and Formed to Exact fit.

Adjustment Pins: 1/2” Push-Pull Spring Loaded Solid Steel Adjustment Pins With Ultimate Load of 9040 LB and 46,042 PSI Sheer Strength.

Cables: 3/16” and 1/8” USA-Made / Certified EXERFLEX PRO® High Performance Fitness Cable.

Other: Solid Steel Weight Plates With Self Aligning Low Friction Sleeves. 1” Solid Steel Pivot Axles With Non-Friction 2” Sealed Bearings (Load Rating of 2400 LB) Internally Incased on Primary Pivots, and Oil-Impregnated Bronze Bushings on all Secondary Pivots.

3/4” Solid Steel 1045 (TGP) Polished Chrome-Plated Finish.

***Home Warranty***

Lifetime on Everything to the Original Purchaser When Used Only in a HOME Environment, Applies to Defects From Manufacturer Only - (See Owner's Manual for Details)

***Commercial Warranty***


10 Years: Structural Main Frames, Welds, Cams and Weight Plates

5 Years: Pivot Bearings, Pulleys, Bushings, Guide Rods and gas Shocks

1 Year: Cables, Linear Bearings and Pull-Pin Components 

6 Months: Upholstery, Finish and Rubber Grips

ALL OTHER PARTS: If not Previously Mentioned, One Year From the Date of Purchase to the Original Purchaser.

LIGHT COMMERCIAL USE: Light Commercial Warranty Applies Only to Facilities Like Hotels, Apartment Complexes, Personal Training Studios, Fire & Police Stations, etc. Where Equipment Would be Used by no More Than 30 People per Day.

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