Xebex Wall-Mount Rack

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Xebex Wall-Mount Rack-Wall Mounted Rack-Xebex Fitness-2
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Xebex Wall-Mount Rack

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Build your dream gym without sacrificing space or your budget

The Xebex Wall-Mount Rack offers the ideal setup to anyone who wants to save floor space without having to manage folding and unfolding rack parts. Its compact design saves space like a foldable squat rack/pull-up bar combos but also saves you the time ordinarily taken up by pre-workout setup.

Your rack is ready to go as is, so you don't have to unfold the rack from the wall. It maintains this slim, easy-to-use profile, thanks to uprights that are only 6" off the wall. It's perfect for any user with limited space and little time to work out. And there's one more bonus: No moving parts equals a more stability - not bad for a rack that already starts with 3"x3" 11-gauge steel construction.

It extends 35" off the wall (give or take 2" for the stringer) giving you plenty of room to squat, bench, and perform pull-ups without feeling confined.

The Xebex Wall-Mount Rack includes a 32mm pull-up bar, a pair of padded j-cups, and mounting brackets.

(Stringers and Mounting Hardware not Included)

Flaman Fitness | Progression Fitness 825 Wall Stringer (W/Hardware)



  • Footprint: 6" x 4' (uprights), 24" x 4' (uprights + j-cups), 35" x 4' (uprights + pull-up bar)

  • Material: 3"x3" 11-gauge steel

  • Weight: 158 lbs.

  • UHMW J-Cups

  • Laser cut numbers on front face of uprights

Includes: Mounting Brackets (Mounting Hardware not Included.) - Pair of Padded J-Cups - 32 MM Pull-Up Bar

Optional Accessories: Double Bar Holder - Stores up to 2 x Barbells on the Outside of Each Upright.



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