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Results: Harbinger - 1 product(s)


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Flaman Fitness has a variety of strength equipment for sale to help you build muscle, such as Bow-flex and other home gyms; workout stations for your core, lower and upper body; dumbbells and weights, weight lifting benches, cages and racks; suspension training; plate weights and kettle bells.


Fitness Flaman Fitness has the best fitness equipment and accessories for strength and conditioning. We are the largest chain of fitness equipment stores in Western Canada, from B.C. to Manitoba, with additional locations in Ontario, so you can be sure that our Bowflex products and workout equipment, weight-lifting benches, cages, racks and more will suit your needs and that you’ll find the fitness expertise and recommendations that you’re looking for.

We offer strength exercising machines, accessories and home gyms from top brands such as Bowflex, Freemotion, Inspire Fitness, PowerBlock, Progression Fitness, Tuffstuff, Xvest and X-plode, meaning that no matter what part of your body you want to improve, ranging fro upper-body to lower-body workouts to target, you can depend on the reliable and high-quality machines available at Flaman.

For the best universal gym machine available, the TuffStuff Apollo 3 is a three-stack machine each with a 200-poundweight stack to help you really bulk up. For those looking to concentrate on their abs and get that killer six-pack, the PS 750 Ab Coaster trims your stomach without back strains while still targeting hard-to-reach lower abs and obliques. And for the ultimate West Coast exercise, Flaman’s unique Ocean Yoga Paddle Boards allow you to really the tone your body’s core while also getting great strength and conditioning outside in the beauty of the water.


Whether you’re using an all-in-one machine for your home gym, specialized workout exercises to target specific areas of your body or just need to augment your workout experience with strength-training accessories such as dumbbell racks, weight vests, curl bars and more, the benefits to investing in weight machines and strength equipment from Flaman Fitness are nearly endless.

Strength training has an extremely wide variety of different benefits. Studies show that those who incorporate strength training into their exercise routines three times a week increase the rate of calorie burning they do in normal activities when not exercising! Strength training also minimizes and even reverses bone and muscle loss in adults, gives you better flexibility and body mechanics and helps to improve glucose control, thus reducing your risk of disease such as diabetes.