Weight Plates

Flaman Fitness carries a variety of weight plates, both in standard and Olympic size. Options include all metal, rubber coated, and bumper plates.


As one of the largest fitness stores in all of Canada with over 35 locations throughout B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, Flaman Fitness possesses a large variety of free-weight products you can use for exercises at home or anywhere!

We carry free weights to buy online or at any one of our locations such as dumbbell sets for home use, kettleblocks, dumbbell stands, kettlebells and hammertone-steel plates from some of the top fitness-equipment manufacturers in the world, including Bowflex, PowerBlock, Progression Fitness and X-plode. You can also find a large collection of exercise benches, cages & racks and bars & collars to complement your at-home gym.


Weight training involves muscle strengthening whereby heavy objects act as resistance to muscle force generated by contraction, and free weights are one of the most popular and convenient types of weight-training tools you can use at home or at a neighbourhood gym for exercises that can work the whole body.

Unlike weight machines, free weights and free-weight exercises do not restrict users to fixed movements when working out. This benefit forces individuals when exercising with free weights to exert more effort from their stabilizer muscles, resulting in a more efficient weight-training exercise in many circumstances.

With free weights, your muscles are working overtime to control the weight resistance, thus requiring natural body motions when working out. Dumbbells, for example, are excellent free-weight products to choose for this reason because of the large range of motion you can execute for your arms.

Benefits of free weights include increased strength and muscle mass in the targeted areas of your body, in addition to decreased body-fat levels and stress reduction. Popular with athletes, bodybuilders and everybody else, they are also perfect for beginners for their ease of use and accessibility. With popular products including dumbbells, barbells, sandbells and kettlebells from which to choose, you have a large variety of options to get beach-body ready in no time.