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Results: 22 product(s)

Mats & Flooring

Flaman Fitness carries exercise mats, along with equipment mats and rubber mat flooring to protect your floors from heavier exercise equipment. In addition, we offer complementary stands for mat storage and hanging. Whether you need to add some cushioning for your exercise routines or want a protective layer for the placement of home gym equipment, Flaman Fitness has your bases covered. Mats and gym floor coverings ensure you have a stable and safe surface for exercising, and give you peace of mind that both your body and home are protected. Exercise mats and gym flooring offered by Flaman Fitness come in a variety of options and sizes.

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With locations across Western Canada and Ontario, Flaman Fitness is one of the largest dealers of fitness equipment in the country providing exercise mat and gym flooring inventory few can match. Our trained staff has the expertise to advise on the proper selection of mats and flooring for your needs. Visit a store for more information or buy your exercise mats and gym flooring online. Flaman Fitness ships across Canada and provides free in-store pick up for online orders at most locations.


Cushioning yourself when exercising on hard or uneven surfaces reduces the chance of injury and provides a stable foundation for dynamic movements. Exercise mats can be laid over almost any surface and come in a variety of dimensions, thicknesses and material types. The most common exercise mats come in square or rectangular shapes and are made with foam or rubber compounds. Exercise mats are portable and can be easily moved or reconfigured depending on your exercise needs.

Gym flooring provides a level of cushioning as well but its primary function is to protect your floor and equipment, especially when using heavier equipment such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, steppers, bikes, benches, and free weights. Rubber gym flooring is made to provide a non-slip surface that prevents equipment from shifting and protects your the floor from the impact caused by vibration and drops. Gym flooring comes in rolls, interlocking squares, and rectangular mats.