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One Machine To Do It All: Inspire SF5 Smith Functional Trainer
The Inspire SF5 Smith Functional Trainer The Inspire SF5 Smith Functional Trainer is an excellent choice for a full-b... read more
In Like Schwinn, IC4 Bike: "Peloton Club" Experience & More!
Compact, affordable, and well-built, the Schwinn IC4 may be best known for making the popular Peloton app accessible ... read more
A Return to Simplicity: Curved Manual Treadmill Training
A Return to Simplicity: Curved Manual Treadmill Training  In a fitness landscape constantly bombarding us with flas... read more
Pedal Power: What Is a Spin Bike and Why You Need One
What is a "spin" bike? A spin bike, also known as an indoor cycling bike, is your ticket to high-intensity indoor cyc... read more
Inversion Therapy Benefits: A Path to Relief
In today's fast-paced world, the toll on our bodies is undeniable. We find ourselves contending with the stresses of... read more
Progression Fitness: The Brand Designed For YOU
The Progression Fitness brand started out with the mission of providing quality fitness equipment at reasonable price... read more
Taking Your Home Gym Workout Outdoors
After being cooped up all winter, you might wonder how easily you can shift your winter to a nice spot in the summer ... read more
The Spirit XT185 An Exceptional Entry-level Treadmill 
  The XT185 entered the market as the entry-level representative of Spirit’s XT home treadmill line. It may offer fe... read more
Reviewing The Spirit XT Treadmill Line
The Spirit XT Line offers home treadmills to suit a variety of budgets, available spaces, and fitness levels. We'll r... read more
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