Introducing Progression Platinum Series Racks

Discover the Future of Strength Training

Welcome to the new era of fitness with the Progression Platinum Series, featuring the Power Rack, Half Rack, and Plate Storage Add-On. These products are crafted for serious fitness enthusiasts and are designed to bring unmatched durability and functionality to your home gym or commercial facility. 

The Progression Platinum Series Power Rack is the perfect addition to any dedicated home gym or commercial space. Built with 3X3-inch 7-gauge steel uprights, it ensures unmatched durability and stability. This rack supports a wide range of exercises with its versatile design and precision-engineered components. Its sleek finish, Westside hole spacing, and expansion capabilities make this rack ideal for achieving peak performance.

The Power Rack’s 89-inch-tall uprights allow for an expanded range of motion, accommodating users of various heights. This feature enables high-intensity workouts without compromise. The rack includes standard safety features like premium J-cups and pop-pin safety bars. 

Configured with Westside hole spacing for precision and customization, the rack offers 1-inch spacing through the bench and clean zones, and 2-inch spacing above and below. This allows for precise adjustments and optimal performance. With 5/8” holes and numbered uprights, functionality is streamlined for efficient workouts.

The Power Rack supports various attachments and accessories, making it adaptable and tough. Whether expanding with dip bars, landmines, or additional storage options, the Progression Platinum Series Power Rack adjusts to fit the evolving needs of its users. This promotes limitless training possibilities and enduring performance for years to come.

Combining versatility and space efficiency, the Progression Platinum Series Half Rack offers a full range of functionality. Crafted with precision, it is built with3x3” 7-gauge steel uprights, ensuring durability and stability. The uprights stand 89” tall and feature cleanly numbered 5/8” holes for easy adjustments.

The Half Rack includes a sturdy front pull-up bar for upper body exercises, plate storage posts for organized weight management, and signature J-Cups to securely hold your barbell. Safety spotter arms ensure safety during solo workouts, and the angled front feet stabilize the rack.

This half rack is a centrepiece in the evolution of efficient and effective strength training. By integrating this rack into your fitness regime, you benefit from the convenience of having a gym-quality setup in your home or commercial space. The rack combines superior engineering with thoughtful design, ensuring every workout is maximized for the best possible results.


Upgrade your fitness environment with the Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage. This storage solution is essential for keeping your workout area organized and efficient. Designed to integrate seamlessly with platinum series equipment, it keeps your workout area organized and efficient.

Crafted from heavy-duty steel, the Plate Storage features 3x3" uprights made of 7-gauge steel, ensuring stability and durability. Each unit boasts an elegant and clean design that adds a protective layer against wear and tear, maintaining its look and functionality over time.

The Plate Storage is equipped with precision-engineered plate holders, designed to accommodate Olympic plates. This addition saves valuable floor space and keeps your weights within easy reach, streamlining your workouts and reducing setup time.

With a bolt-together design, the Plate Storage is engineered for easy assembly and can be quickly added to your existing setup. This design ensures a secure and stable integration, providing a robust platform for your training needs.


Elevate Your Fitness Journey

Explore the full range of the Progression Platinum Series and elevate your fitness journey to new heights! These products are not just equipment; they are investments in your fitness future, ensuring that every workout is safe, effective, and efficient. Shop now and take advantage of our introductory prices to bring these top-of-the-line products into your gym.


Ready to Transform Your Training?

Check out the new Progression Platinum Series at your local Flaman Fitness or Online today!



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