Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage

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Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage-Cages & Racks-Flaman Fitness-1
Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage-Cages & Racks-Flaman Fitness-2
Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage-Cages & Racks-Flaman Fitness-3

Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage

$599.00$599.00 $599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00 $599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00 $599.0014% OFF


Maximize Your Training Space with Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage

Upgrade your fitness environment with the Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage, a versatile and robust addition to any serious lifter's arsenal. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing equipment, this storage solution is essential for keeping your workout area organized and efficient.

Customizable and Sturdy Design

Crafted from heavy-duty steel, the Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage features 3x3" uprights made of 7-gauge steel, ensuring stability and durability,

Enhanced Functionality and Aesthetic Appeal

Each unit boasts an elegant and clean design that adds a protective layer against wear and tear, maintaining its look and functionality over time.

Efficient Storage and Organization

The Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage is equipped with precision-engineered plate holders, designed to accommodate Olympic plates. This addition not only saves valuable floor space but also keeps your weights within easy reach, streamlining your workouts and reducing setup time.

Simple Installation

With a bolt-together design, the Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage is engineered for easy assembly and can be quickly added to your existing setup without hassle. This design ensures a secure and stable integration, providing a robust platform for your training needs.

Elevate the functionality of your Power rack with the Progression Platinum Series Plate Storage, where exceptional durability meets thoughtful design to create the ultimate in workout efficiency. Whether for a home gym or a commercial facility, it's an investment that pays dividends in utility and aesthetics.

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