Flaman Fitness carries a wide range of fitness accessories like: toner bars, tubes and bands, yoga mats and yoga accessories, bosu balls, skipping ropes, sports conditioning accessories, workout guides and books, inversion tables, resistance cables, foam rollers and much more.

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You can build muscles and perform weight exercises and general bodyweight exercises all in your home with a few convenient and cost-effective products from Flaman Fitness. Dumbbells, barbells, weights, dips, push-ups and pull-ups all contribute to a fully rounded home gym workout routine.

And Flaman Fitness features the resources and the expertise to help you optimize your space so that you can perform all of these kinds of home exercises and more. Thanks to our knowledgeable staff and our diverse product selections at dozens of locations throughout Western Canada and Ontario, we can help you customize your home gym with a variety of accessories to obtain the best home fitness workout possible.

We offer home gym accessories from some of the world’s top fitness brands, including Bowflex, Inspire Fitness, Iron Bull Strength, Lebert Fitness, PowerBlock, Progression Fitness, Trak Fitness, TuffStuff, World Standard Fitness (WSF), Xvest and X-plode.

The TRX Club 4 Suspension Trainer is lightweight, affordable and portable allow you to engage your core as the ultimate home gym ad machine without the need to buy an actual big and expensive machine. The X-plode Agility Sled offers one of the hardest workouts you’ll ever try to enhance your cardio and quad strength anywhere you’d like. And everyone knows that pull-ups are an incredibly effective way to optimize your bodyweight movements, but with the X-plode Ceiling/Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar PFX25, you can have a sturdy mount with the option for a custom distance-fit from the wall or ceiling to grow your potential for gains.

Home gym accessories provide you easy motivation with the option to surround yourself with a plethora of exercise products available at your fingertips. A compact and affordable dumbbell stand, for example, keeps your dumbbells out in the open instead of stowing them away in a closet.

Filling-out your home gym with a variety of accessories adds convenience to your life while saving you tons of money from an expensive gym membership or a bulky universal gym machine. Shop now at Flaman Fitness or contact us for more information about the best universal home gym accessories to suit your exercise needs, your budget and your space today!