MD Buddy Squat Wedge - Pair

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MD Buddy Squat Wedge - Pair-Exercise Accessories-MD Buddy-1
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MD Buddy Squat Wedge - Pair

$80.00$80.00 $80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00 $80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00 $80.00


Increase Depth and Strength with MD Buddy Squat Wedge

The MD Buddy Squat Wedge is your ticket to increasing squat depth and revolutionizing your leg day workouts. This training tool not only elevates your heels but also enhances your range of motion and overall performance.

The MD Buddy Squat Wedge is a game-changer allowing you to push the boundaries of your squat and experience newfound benefits. Elevating the heels during squats is a proven method to enhance muscle engagement, particularly in the quadriceps, while reducing stress on the lower back. This innovative wedge is designed to optimize your squatting technique, making each repetition more effective and comfortable.

Beyond the immediate benefits for your squat depth, MD Buddy Squat Wedges play a crucial role in addressing mobility issues. These wedges mitigate the impact of poor ankle, knee, and hip mobility, providing a supportive platform for your exercises. Whether you're a seasoned lifter looking to optimize your form or recovering from an injury, these wedges are an invaluable addition to your training arsenal.

Versatility is at the core of MD Buddy Squat Wedges. Elevate your training sessions by targeting specific muscle groups, performing calf raises, or incorporating variations like split squats. The 15-degree incline offered by these wedges is the perfect angle to maximize squat depth, giving you the freedom to customize your workouts based on your stance and preferences.

Placing the wedges precisely where you need them is a breeze, accommodating both wide and narrow stances, as well as varied foot positions. Unlike conventional weight plates, these wedges feature adjustable heights ranging from 0 to 2 inches, allowing you to fine-tune your setup for optimal performance.

Crafted from high-density, anti-slip material, MD Buddy Squat Wedges are built to withstand the rigors of heavy lifting. The durable design minimizes compression under heavy loads, ensuring stability and safety during your most challenging workouts. Count on these wedges to provide the traction and support you need, when pushing your limits with squats.

Invest in the longevity of your fitness journey with MD Buddy Squat Wedges

A reliable companion designed to endure thousands of reps and empower you to achieve your fitness goals. Elevate your squats, broaden your range of motion, and experience a new dimension of leg day excellence with MD Buddy Squat Wedges. Your deepest squat awaits!

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  • Length: 7.5”/19 cm (base and angled surface)
  • Width: 4.7”/12 cm
  • Height: 2”/5 cm

Material: Rubber

Packaging: polybag+brown box+carton, PAIR


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