Exercise Balls

Flaman Fitness carries a wide variety of exercise balls and associated stands. We carry Bosu balls, ball chairs, exercise balls, balance balls, slam balls, massage balls, and medicine balls for fun and easy workouts. For most of the exercise balls there are multiple sizes and colours to choose from.

Exercise balls are excellent tools to help improve a number of fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your posture, enhance your balance, or strengthen your core, Flaman Fitness carries exercise balls for each scenario. Overall, they are great additions to your at-home gym or office space and can be stored easily.

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As the largest chain of fitness stores in Western Canada and with additional locations in Ontario, Flaman Fitness has the expertise to advise you on what kind of exercise ball is best for your requirements. We also provide accessories that complement exercise balls including stands, storage racks, and chair bases. Visit a store for more information or buy online if you already know what you need. Flaman Fitness ships across Canada and provides free in-store pick up for online orders at most locations.


Picking the correct type and size of exercise ball depends on how and where you intend to use it. There are different sizes, weights, purposes, and exercises to take into account before choosing what ball is best. Below are descriptions of the main exercise balls carried by Flaman Fitness:

Standard Exercise and Stability Balls are great for yoga, core-workouts, and make great office chairs to aid posture. Flaman Fitness also provides associated accessories for each purpose.

Bosu Balance Balls are for training your stabilizing muscles to ensure even strength across the core. Excellent for practicing balance, improving agility, and are complementary when performing squats, bench presses, and sit-ups.

Medicine Balls add weight resistance to a variety of functional exercises, and can also enhance typical body weight exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, and twists.

Slam Balls are made to take abuse through throwing, slamming, and pounding. Great for practicing ballistic and high-impact maneuvers that build explosive strength.

Reaction Balls and Wall Balls are ideal for building agility and responsiveness. They’re designed to be bounced and caught to exercise both your reaction time and core strength.

Massage Balls are ideal for stretching and smoothing out muscles pre and post workout.

Feel free to contact us for more information or if you have questions about any exercise ball products.