A Return to Simplicity: Curved Manual Treadmill Training

A Return to Simplicity: Curved Manual Treadmill Training 

In a fitness landscape constantly bombarding us with flashy new gadgets and high-tech gizmos aimed at turbocharging our cardio sessions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. From oversized screens to intricate heart rate monitors and a smorgasbord of subscription-based apps, it can all become a bit too much. Enter the curved manual treadmill—a beacon of simplicity and a return to the basics during this tech frenzy. 


What is a Curved Manual Treadmill? 

A curved manual treadmill is all about putting you in the driver's seat—no mechanical marvels or motors calling the shots here. It's a treadmill where you dictate the pace, walk or run. This ingeniously curved design isn't just for aesthetics; the surface gently curves to better replicate the running feel and stride of training outdoors or on a track. A deliberate nudge towards a more organic, natural running and walking experience. Say goodbye to those clunky, robotic strides; this treadmill encourages your body to move the way nature intended with a near maintenance-free experience. 



"A remarkable 30% increased calorie burn compared to conventional flat motorized treadmills."


More Calories Burned  

A study conducted and published through ProQuest compared the effects of walking for 10 minutes at a pace of 3 miles per hour on both a curved treadmill and a traditional motorized treadmill. The findings were striking. Participants exhibited a notable increase in calorie expenditure while using the curved treadmill. In fact, the study revealed that exercising on a curved treadmill could lead to a remarkable 30% increased calorie burn compared to conventional flat motorized treadmills. These results underscore the potential of curved treadmills as an effective tool for those looking to maximize their calorie-burning workouts. 


Highly Effective Cardiovascular Conditioning 

In a remarkable study featured in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, researchers discovered that runners on curved manual treadmills exhibited elevated heart rates and reported increased perceived exertion, irrespective of their running pace. These dedicated athletes also experienced a significant increase in heart rate, indicating a heightened cardiovascular challenge. The key takeaway? Running on a curved manual treadmill unquestionably ups the ante, creating a more rigorous cardiovascular challenge. This intensified training experience can pave the way for highly effective cardiovascular conditioning, ultimately enhancing endurance and pushing your fitness boundaries. 



Reduced Joint Impact With Less Pain 

Research conducted by the National Institutes of Health has yielded compelling evidence in favour of running on a curved manual treadmill. According to their studies, this unique fitness approach brings about a multifaceted set of benefits. Firstly, running on a curved manual treadmill promotes improved posture, which can be a game-changer for individuals seeking to maintain or enhance their physical alignment during workouts. Furthermore, the study underscores the significance of reduced joint impact when using curved manual treadmills. This reduction in joint strain makes it an appealing choice for those concerned about protecting their joints while engaging in rigorous exercise routines. In essence, running on a curved manual treadmill not only cultivates better posture and joint health but also maximizes muscle group involvement, offering recreational runners a comprehensive and efficient approach to their exercise routines. 


Sport-Specific Training  

Commercial gyms across Canada have started incorporating curved manual treadmills into their offerings. A study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine has shed light on the remarkable potential of curved non-motorized treadmills in the realm of team sport training. This research discovered that training on these curved treadmills provides a reliable method for assessing team sport running performance. The key lies in the athlete's ability to self-pace, which closely replicates the natural ebbs and flows observed in high-intensity sport-specific training sessions. 



What to Look for in a Curved Manual Treadmill? 

When considering a curved manual treadmill for your fitness journey, several key factors deserve attention. First and foremost, examine the build quality and durability. Look for sturdy construction, heavy-duty materials, and precision ball bearings to ensure smooth operation and long-lasting performance.  
Consider the weight capacity, ensuring it can accommodate your needs, especially if you're a seasoned athlete. Additionally, seek a treadmill with adjustable resistance levels, as this feature allows you to tailor your workouts to your fitness goals seamlessly.  

A spacious and anti-slip running surface is essential for safety and comfort. Also, check for an interactive console that tracks your progress and offers training programs to keep you motivated.  

Finally, factor in the ease of mobility and storage, as this can be crucial, especially for home gyms with limited space. By paying attention to these aspects, you can make an informed choice and find the perfect curved manual treadmill to elevate your fitness routine. 


Which Curved Manual Treadmill is Recommended by Flaman Fitness? 

The Progression Curve Plus Manual Treadmill offers a game-changing experience in Canadian fitness equipment. It offers high-quality, commercial-grade performance at an affordable price, making curved treadmills accessible to everyone. Crafted with heavy-duty rubber-molded slats and commercial-grade sealed bearings, this treadmill withstands the test of time while operating remarkably quietly. Early bird or night owl, you can enjoy a peaceful workout without disrupting your household. 


Key Features: 

  • Seamless Resistance Adjustments: With four adjustable resistance levels and a quick-adjust lever, you can easily customize your workouts to meet your fitness goals.

  • Biomechanical Efficiency: The curved surface reduces joint impact and engages more muscle groups for efficient and effective workouts.

  • Eco-Friendly: This motorless treadmill leaves no carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet.

  • Built to Last: Crafted with durability in mind, it operates quietly and withstands wear and tear.

  • Spacious and Versatile: A 63-inch deck accommodates users of all heights and fitness levels.

  • Quality Assurance: Backed by a comprehensive light commercial warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

  • Interactive Console: Keep motivated with tracking metrics and interval-style programs, simulating a personal trainer. 

  • Easy Mobility: Transport wheels and a metal grip make it effortless to move the treadmill for versatile workout locations.



Running Surface: 63" Long x 17" Wide 

Console: Time, Distance, Calories, Watts, HR, Speed & Intervals 

Resistance: 4 Levels via Magnets 

Warranty: Frame (5 year), Parts (2 years), Wear Items (1 years) 

Max User Weight: 350 Pounds 

Assembled Dimensions: 68"L x 32"W x 67" H 

Boxed Dimensions: 76"L x 35"W x 18"H 


We stand by the quality of the Progression Curve Plus, backing it with a comprehensive light COMMERCIAL warranty. This warranty reflects the meticulous craftsmanship invested in this exceptional machine, providing peace of mind for your investment. Get ready to elevate your fitness journey with the Progression Curve Plus and experience a healthier, stronger you. 


In Conclusion 

In an era dominated by high-tech fitness solutions, the curved manual treadmill emerges as a refreshing return to simplicity and effectiveness. As commercial gyms across Canada embrace this game-changer of a treadmill, fitness enthusiasts are discovering the immense benefits it offers at home. From improved cardiovascular conditioning to reduced joint impact and enhanced muscle engagement, the curved manual treadmill empowers users to achieve their fitness goals with greater efficiency.  

Whether you're a recreational runner, a seasoned athlete, or someone simply looking to maximize calorie burn, this eco-conscious fitness equipment has something to offer.  

The Progression Curve Plus Manual Treadmill, with its exceptional features, stands as a prime example of the innovation sweeping the fitness landscape.

It's time to take the reins of your fitness journey, step onto the curved surface, and experience a healthier, stronger you. Embrace the simplicity, embrace the curve. 




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