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Results: Progression - 3 product(s)


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Tubes & Bands

Strength training doesn’t always require heavy weights and hefty machines. Resistance training using tubes and bands is an affordable, portable and versatile way to build strength, gain flexibility and tone your body.

Many who want to start or keep up an exercise regimen simply can’t due to limited time, space and capacity for extra workout equipment. Some are often sent out on working road trips, with no time to visit a gym or even get out of the hotel room after a busy day. Others might prefer to work out in the privacy of their own small, walk-up apartments. Conversely, those who prefer working out in the wide-open spaces might want to break up a long run with some on-the-spot strength training or stretching.

In these situations, resistance cables, sleeved resistance tubing, super bands, fitness loops or similar accessories provide a convenient, lightweight solution. 


It's no stretch to imagine that Flaman Fitness has the resistance band and tubing option for you. We’re Western Canada’s largest commercial and home-gym equipment store, and one of the largest nationwide. So we’re heavy on lightweight, portable exercise solutions from names like Progression and MD Buddy – and we can help you find the right device to achieve your goals.

You can target your arm and leg muscles with Progression Fitness Resistance Cables, featuring break-resistant layered technology, or strengthen your back pulling the handles of an MD Buddy Sleeved Resistance Tube. Made of durable latex, an X-plode Fitness Loop puts both an upper and lower body workout in your suitcase, your backpack or even your pocket.


Resistance accessories are an anytime, anywhere workout solution. You’ll need little more space to use them than you need to move your own body. A workout is easy and quick to set up when you feel the need to get yourself going in the morning, are combatting some food-induced weariness, or burning off some unneeded energy before going to bed. Whenever you feel like exercising, resistance gives you those benefits plus strengthening and toning of almost any muscle in your body.

All you need to do is observe a few basic safety precautions. Make sure your equipment is properly secured by your foot, a door or any other strong, stable anchor point. Don’t use your band, tube, loop or other elastic exerciser on abrasive surfaces like asphalt or concrete, and always wear proper athletic shoes, not sandals, dress shoes or boots. Even if you take good care of your device, it never hurts to check it for wear or damage. Remember that maintaining correct posture and exercising in a slow controlled manner can make the difference between desired results and undesired injuries.

Once you take care of those details, this amazingly compact training resource opens the door to dozens of strength-building exercises – rows, presses, extensions, curls, squats, crunches, bridges, clam shells, adductors, pull downs, pull ups, push ups and more. There are no pins to pull or plates to stack as you move from one exercise to another – specifically targeting muscles and muscle groups in your arms, legs, back, abs, glutes, knees, hamstrings, core, chest and shoulders. Your joints will thank you for flexing them in slow stretches against elastic resistance, as opposed to jolting and compressing them in a fight with weight and gravity. Strengthening and toning aren’t the only benefits you can realize. Studies have shown that lightweight resistance accessories also enhance dynamic stretching. Let’s see a loaded barbell help you with that!

Flaman Fitness offers a variety of elastic tubes, bands, cables and loops that help you keep big exercise goals in sight, even if you have little space or time. Drop by and ask our experts about the specific or full-body workout results these portable accessories can deliver.


If you’re ready to take hold of a small but powerful resistance training solution, Flaman Fitness offers much more than a handful of options and levels of resistance. We carry a wide variety of premium tubes, bands and more at our 36 locations across five Canadian provinces:

British Columbia (BC): Visit any of our locations in Abbotsford, Cranbrook, Kamloops, Kelowna, Langley, Prince George, Qualicum Beach (Vancouver Island), Richmond, Vancouver (Kitsilano) & Victoria.

Alberta: We have 11 locations ready to serve you in Brooks, Calgary Northeast (Vista Heights), Calgary Southeast (near Chinook Mall), Edmonton – Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton – Nisku, West Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Wainwright and Wetaskiwin

Saskatchewan: Discover the selection at our eight locations in Humboldt, Maidstone, Moose Jaw, Moosomin, Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon

Manitoba: The expert staff at our two locations, in Swan River and Winnipeg, are ready to discuss your fitness requirements.

Ontario: We’re proud to serve Southern Ontario, including the Toronto area, through our three locations in Brantford, Burlington, London & Woodbridge (in Vaughan).

When your ready to discuss strength accessories or any other equipment, please drop by the location nearest you. We’ll be glad to help you assess and achieve your fitness goals.