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OUTDOOR Modular Swing Set (FY-12701)

$1,125.00$1,125.00 $1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00 $1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00 $1,125.0069% OFF
OUTDOOR Modular Swing Set (FY-12701)-Commercial Playgrounds-Flaman Family-1
OUTDOOR Modular Swing Set (FY-12701)-Commercial Playgrounds-Flaman Family-2
OUTDOOR Modular Swing Set (FY-12701)-Commercial Playgrounds-Flaman Family-3

Price Drop

OUTDOOR Modular Swing Set (FY-12701)

$1,125.00$1,125.00 $1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00 $1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00 $1,125.0069% OFF


Built for commercial use but priced for your backyard. All Flaman Family Playgrounds are built with highest quality steel and plastic. Each product is designed to provide fun, safe activities that fuel children’s imaginations.

Our Modular Swing set is a perfect example, featuring monkey bars, sling swing, and 5’ slide with a 3’ high ladder platform. With the space-saving dimensions of  6’ 7” high, 8’ 10” wide and 24’ 5” long, this connected collection of playground favourites will provide your young adventurers with hours of fun outside. When the kids are done having their fun, active parents will find this playground is great for plyometric exercises, as well.

For parents, Flaman Family Playgrounds are an ergonomic and economical alternative to spending extra on wood structures or lower-gauge metal swing sets that will not take exuberant everyday playing like ours will do. Unlike many less-durable 16 to 18-gauge metal swing sets, ours meet the 8 to 11-gauge steel standard used in commercial playgrounds. Sturdy

Flaman playgrounds offer safety, high-quality materials, space-saving design and plenty of fresh-air activities.

Our steel components are powder-coated for multi-year protection that leaves your playground looking like it was just put up a week ago.

The detachable slide features high-quality plastic construction – created through the same two-layer enclosed moulding process used for all our playground slides. This gives each one durability, strength, and a single seamless surface. Children can enjoy a smooth, thrilling ride every time – unlike the rickety, uneven trip they might take on cheaper bolt-together, one-layer slides.

For your children’s safety, every purchase of a Flaman Family Playground includes anchors to be cemented into the ground.

While supplies last. Price does not include freight costs. Pricing may change without notice due to logistics costs and exchange rates.
Please check local building codes before purchasing. Safe installation requires anchoring of your playground. Before digging, please confirm the location of gas and other service lines.



  • Connectable modules
  • Monkey bars
  • Sling swing
  • 5’ slide with a 3’ high ladder platform



 Main Structure:

  • Length:  24’ 5”
  • Width:  8’10”
  • Height:  6’ 7”

Detachable Slide:

  • Length: 8'
  • Width: 2.5'
  • Height: 4.3'

Age group: 3-12

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