MD Buddy Octagon Step Platform (With 4 Risers)

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MD Buddy Octagon Step Platform

MD Buddy Octagon Step Platform (With 4 Risers)

$199.99$199.99 $199.99$199.99$199.99$199.99$199.99 $199.99$199.99$199.99 $199.00

When you can always step up, you’re always a step ahead.

The MD Buddy Octagon Step Platform allows you to start your stepping exercise at the base level then “up” your challenge by adding one or two levels of snap-lock risers. All it takes is a firm downward press to lock them securely into place. This activates various muscles during your step and plyometric exercises for great lower-body benefits. The octagonal shape of your end risers make for a step platform that’s not only stable but wide as well, giving you plenty of foot room and confidence when you're stepping up. A distinct non-slip grip pattern on the rubber deck mat makes your foothold even more secure. Green markings indicate the ideal spot for your feet to land when you really want to maximize the effect of quick step workouts.  They also indicate optimal hand placement for push-ups. The mat also has smoother surfaces, which allow you to rotate your feet for certain exercises.

This step platform is easy to store. It’s also light to carry, but its polypropylene construction makes it impressively sturdy and flexible – strong enough to support intense high and low step exercises while giving just a little to lessen the impact on your joints. The deck can also serve as a reliable sit-up bench. Just create your desired incline by removing the risers from one end. Your deck and risers are equipped with rubber stoppers to keep your platform firmly in place, while rounded grooves provide a secure place to anchor resistance tubing. 



Length: 42.5”/108 cm

Width: 16.5”/42 cm

Height: 8”/20 cm


Maximum User Weight: 550 lbs./250 kg

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