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Myovolt Back Wearable Vibration

$215.00$215.00 $215.00$215.00$215.00$215.00$215.00 $215.00$215.00$215.00 $245.00
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Price Drop

Myovolt Back Wearable Vibration

$215.00$215.00 $215.00$215.00$215.00$215.00$215.00 $215.00$215.00$215.00 $245.00


Take the pain out of your back and put yourself back in the game!

Myovolt, creator of the world’s most advanced targeting vibration technology, brings you the Myovolt Back. This cutting-edge sports brace is specifically engineered to alleviate lower back pain – the leading reason pro and amateur athletes wind up sitting out their favourite sports. 

This clinically validated daily tool delivers an effective, clinically validated treatment that combats back and lumbar soreness and stiffness before they bench you. With one press of a switch, a 10-minute focal vibration goes to work on this all-too-common musculoskeletal issue. The treatment is as comfortable as it is relieving. The neoprene brace fits snugly around your lower back, side, hips or abdominals and adjusts to suit most body sizes.

About Myovolt:

Myovolt has pioneered Wearable Vibration Therapy. Its focal vibration treats musculoskeletal soreness and stiffness by promoting localized circulation and stimulating blood flow. Used prior to exercise, Myovolt technology helps warm up muscles, improve performance, and prevent sports injuries from occurring. When used post-exercise, it aids faster recovery of muscles and joints. It’s also proven to increase range of motion. 

Dedicated to research-led product development and validation testing, the company works with independent rehabilitation and sports physiology research teams. Every product is developed through years of ongoing research, engineering and validation by experts in performance-enhancing wearable technology for elite and Olympic athletes. Several independent critical studies of Myovolt’s physical therapy and rehabilitation effectiveness have been published in international peer-reviewed journals.



Product weight: 260 G / 9.2 OZ

Frequency range: 20 – 100 Hz

Battery life: 80 - Minutes

Charging: 3 Hour Charge via Micro USB

Cleaning: Washable Strap (Remove Module)

Size: Adjustable up to 3 XL

Functionality: Wear Next to Skin or Over Clothes

Treatment Modes: Recovery, Flexibility, Warm-up

Treatment Time: 10-Minutes (Auto Stop)

TSA approved: TSA Approved Carry-on Item

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