Progression 130 Power Cage

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Progression 130 Power Cage-Weight Lifting Cage-Progression Fitness-1

Progression 130 Power Cage

$599.00$599.00 $599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00 $599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00$599.00 $599.00

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Unleash Your Power: Progression 130 Power Cage

Power Racks Redefined:

The Progression 130 Power Cage is designed for those who take their workouts seriously. It's not just a piece of equipment; it's a fortress for your strength-building journey. This heavy-duty power rack provides the stability and safety you need, allowing you to focus on lifting, not worrying about the gear.


Safety First:

Safety is at the core of the Progression 130. Equipped with sturdy J-hooks (700lbs capacity) and two reliable safety catches(1550lbs capactiy), this power cage ensures that every lift is secure. No compromises on safety, so you can confidently push your limits and explore new heights in your training.


Versatility Beyond Limits:

What sets the Progression 130 apart is its unmatched versatility. The monkey bar-style pull-up bar offers multiple grips, activating different muscle groups for a well-rounded upper body workout. Whether you prefer wide grips or a more neutral stance, this power cage caters to your preferences, enhancing your exercise routine.


Modularity in Focus:

The Progression 130 Power Cage takes modularity to the next level. Its design allows you to integrate your suspension trainer and resistance bands seamlessly. With two frame-mounted storage pegs up front, you can load up your plate weight for added balance and stability. This unique feature sets the Progression 130 apart from competitor cages, providing a level of customization that others lack.


Built to Last:

Crafted with a commitment to durability, the Progression 130 Power Cage is built tough. It's a heavy-duty companion for heavy lifting, ensuring longevity and performance throughout your fitness journey. Invest in a power rack that can withstand the test of time, giving you the confidence to tackle any workout.


Affordable Strength:

Affordability is key, and the Progression 130 Power Cage delivers on that front. It's a robust solution that doesn't strain your budget. Now you can build strength, improve your physique, and enhance your overall fitness without compromising on quality or safety.


Elevate Your Home Gym with the Progression 130 Power Cage

The Progression 130 Power Cage redefines what a squat rack can be. It's not just about heavy lifting; it's about safety, versatility, and modularity. Invest in a power rack that grows with you, adapts to your workout style, and ensures you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively. Elevate your home gym experience with the Progression 130 Power Cage – because your strength journey deserves the best.

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  • J-hooks Capacity: 700 LB

  • Safety Catch Capacity: 1550 LB

Uprights Height (Total Height of Unit): 83" - 211 CM

Base Length: 49" - 124.5 CM

Base Width: 43.5" - 110.5 CM 

Total Width: 57.5" - 146 CM

Depth Between Uprights: 28" - 71 CM

Width Between Uprights: 39.5" - 100 CM

2 CM Mounting Holes

6" Pegs

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