Progression 240 Power Cage

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Progression 240 Power Cage

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Progression 240 Power Cage

The Ultimate Home Gym Solution

The Progression 240 Power Cage provides a secure environment for all your strength training needs. Perform squats, bench presses, pull-ups, and additional exercises safely within the confines of your home. The Sturdy 2" by 3" uprights and safety bars enable you to challenge your limits confidently and without fear.

Why Own A Power Cage?

Owning a Power Rack brings many benefits to anyone looking to enhance their strength training routine. Offering unparalleled safety for solo lifters. Adjustable safety bars allow users to push it to the limit without the need for a spotter. This feature reduces the risk of injury when lifting heavy weights.

A Power Cage allows a variety of exercises, including squats, bench presses, pull-ups, deadlifts, and more. This offers a broader range of movements compared to a Squat Rack. This feature allows you to save space in your home gym without sacrificing exercise variety. Investing in a Power Cage allows for a more efficient and safer workout making it a great addition to any gym.

2” by 3” Uprights with Numbered Holes:

The 240 Power Cage features thick, durable metal uprights, making it capable of handling heavy weights. Numbered upright holes simplify adjusting the height of spotters and J-Cups. You can perform all exercises at the optimal level for efficiency and safety.

4 Easily Adjustable J-Cups with a Double-Sided Twist:

Featuring easy "pop-pin" adjustable J-Cups on both the front and back posts, the Progression 240 Power Cage introduces an innovative twist with the front J-Cups being double-sided. This design enables users to lift both inside and outside the rack, significantly enhancing variety of workout options.

Additionally, the safety bars include a J-Cup on the front, bringing the total to 6 J-Cups. They accommodate a range of exercises and barbells, enabling users to swiftly switch between exercises. Their design minimizes contact with the barbell, protecting it from damage and ensuring a smooth transition between workout sessions.

Dip Station:

The dip station attachment broadens the scope of exercises possible with the power cage. Dips target your chest, shoulders, and triceps building strength and size. The station is solid supporting varied body weight and weighted dip exercises.

Multi-Grip Chin-up/Pullup Station:

This station offers multiple grip options, including wide, narrow, and neutral. It allows users to target different muscle groups in the back, shoulders, and arms. The variety in grips ensures a comprehensive upper body workout, catering to all fitness levels.

Key features include:

  • Numbered 2" By 3" Uprights
  • 2 Spotters & 6 J-Cups With Easily Adjustable Pop Pins
  • A Built In Dip Station
  • Multi-Grip Chin-up/Pullup Station

The Progression 240 power cage's design focuses on durability, and safety. Built to withstand intense workouts for years to come. This makes it an invaluable investment for your home gym. Bring professional gym functionality into the comfort of your home.

Available in-store or online at Flaman Fitness.



  • Adjustable Safety Spotters for Maximum Safety

  • 2" x 3" Metal Frame for Solid and Stable Support

  • Front and Rear Adjustable bar Catchers for Convenient Racking During any Exercise

  • Painted Guide Numbers on Uprights for Easy and Accurate Reference

  • Foot Print: 48.5" L x 48.5" W x 83.1" H

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