Progression Fitness Athena Women's Cf Bar (1000Lbs-25Mm, Pink)

$299.99$299.99 $299.99$299.99$279.00$279.00$279.00 $279.00$279.00$279.00 $379.99
Progression Athena Women's CF Bar (1000lbs-25mm, Pink)
Progression Athena Women's CF Bar (1000lbs-25mm, Pink)
Progression Athena Women's CF Bar (1000lbs-25mm, Pink)

Progression Fitness Athena Women's Cf Bar (1000Lbs-25Mm, Pink)

$299.99$299.99 $299.99$299.99$279.00$279.00$279.00 $279.00$279.00$279.00 $379.99

The Progression Xplode Athena Women’s CF Bar gives female athletes all the tools they’ll need for a productive strength training routine or cross training workout of the day. Its features enable you to get the most from Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting exercises.

With a tensile strength rated at 190,000 PSI, the Athena provides excellent “whip” – the bar’s ability to bend as you lift, then snap back to straight, adding power to your lift. You’ll also gain a lifting advantage from a bushing with five needle point bearings operating in each sleeve. The resultant free-rolling motion of sleeves and plates provides a natural uplift – free of the friction of lesser bars, which can work like a mid-air brake on your motion.

A narrower bar diameter (25 mm) allows women to get as strong a grip as their male counterparts. That grip is non-slip, thanks to 1.2 mm diamond knurling, made just a hint less aggressive by a layer of tough, durable Cerakote finish - a revolutionary ceramic coating that has earned a reputation in the gun and auto parts industries for premium protection. Cerakote’s abrasion, wear and corrosion-resistant qualities are no less impressive wrapped around the Athena’s solid steel inner bar. Along the 17 ¼” of knurling on either end of the bar, you’ll find powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting marks. These instantly guide your hands to the proper width of grip for powerlifting squats, deadlifts and bench presses and for a weightlifting snatch or clean and jerk.


Material: Pink Cerakote with 1.2 mm diamond knurl

Sleeve Rotation: 1 bushing with 5 needle point bearings in each sleeve (a total of 2 bushings and 10 bearings per bar)

Outer Sleeve: Black Manganese



Total Bar Length: 2010 mm/79 1/8”

Bar Diameter: 25 mm/1”

Bar Weight: 15 kg/ 33 lbs

Total Sleeve Length: 348 mm/13 3/4”

Outer Sleeve Length: 327 mm/ 12 7/8”


Maximum Weight Capacity: 453.5 kg/1000 lbs

Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI./

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