Progression FT MAX - (2 x 100 KG Stack)

$3,699.00$3,699.00 $3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00 $3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00 $3,699.0014% OFF
Progression FT MAX - (2 x 100 KG Stack)-Smith Gym-Progression Fitness-1
Progression FT MAX - (2 x 100 KG Stack)-Smith Gym-Progression Fitness-1
Progression FT MAX - (2 x 100 KG Stack)-Smith Gym-Progression Fitness-2
Progression FT MAX - (2 x 100 KG Stack)-Smith Gym-Progression Fitness-3
Progression FT MAX - (2 x 100 KG Stack)-Smith Gym-Progression Fitness-4
Progression FT MAX - (2 x 100 KG Stack)-Smith Gym-Progression Fitness-5

Progression FT MAX - (2 x 100 KG Stack)

$3,699.00$3,699.00 $3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00 $3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00$3,699.00 $3,699.0014% OFF

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Smith Machine Functional Trainer: Progression FT Max Functional Trainer

The Progression FT Max Functional Trainer stands as the epitome of innovation. Catering to home gym enthusiasts and personal trainers who crave a heavy-duty all in one machine. The FT Max integrates the features of a smith machine functional trainer, a power cage and more into one compact unit.

If you're training for strength, or bodybuilding, the FT Max opens the door to enhanced endurance, strength and muscular size. It accommodates a wide spectrum of preferences, from compound to isolation exercises, concentric to eccentric muscle actions, ensuring a tailored workout experience.

The FT Max Functional Trainer redefines home workouts by combining a myriad of exercise options into one accessible machine. Say goodbye to the need for multiple machines, and embrace the benefits of a space-saving solution.

Key Features:

1. Smith Machine:

With the FT Max you can workout safely from your home without a training partner or spotter. The FT Max features a Smith Machine equipped with commercial-grade guide rails, ensuring a smooth, straight, and frictionless lift. The safety lock and release mechanism will enhance your confidence during squats, lunges, and various other exercises.

2. Power Rack:

For those who crave free weight barbell exercises, the FT Max includes a 7’ Olympic bar and sturdy J-hooks. Easily detach and re-attach the J-hooks for stable and secure support. The multiple height options facilitate a range of exercises. Flaman Fitness offers a diverse selection of durable bars for weightlifting and CrossFit training tha can be found here.

3. Functional Trainer:

Experience the versatility of swiveling pulleys and adjustable height positions. The adjustable pulleys allow you to train your shoulders, arms, chest, back, core, and legs. Fluid cable movement and a plethora of attachments ensure a comfortable and safe workout environment.

4. Ergonomic Multi-grip Chin up / Pull Up Bar:

Build strength using your body weight as resistance with the FT Max Trainer's multiple handholds. Great for pull-ups, chin-ups, wide grip pull-ups, and reverse grip pull-ups, all designed for optimal muscle engagement.

5. Dip Station:

Expand your workout possibilities by incorporating dips. The multi-grip dip station handles enable you to target different muscle groups by adjusting your grip width. Multiple adjustment positions allow you to tailor the intensity of your workout by adding power bands or additional weights.

6. Vertical Leg Press Plate (Optional Addition):

Enhance your lower body workout with the optional vertical leg press plate. Perform supine leg presses with multiple stance variations, targeting specific muscle groups. The integrated smith machine allows you to lock out the bar effortlessly after completing your final rep. Vertical Leg Press SKU: EXGPROPFXFTMAXLP

High-Quality Construction:

The Progression FT Max boasts commercial-grade durability, ensuring longevity and safety throughout your fitness journey. The heavy-duty design and high-quality materials make it a reliable piece of equipment for your home gym.

The Progression FT Max Functional Trainer is not just a machine; it's a personalized fitness solution. The Progression FT Max brings commercial-grade gym quality to the comfort of your home. This functional trainer offers a range of adjustment positions, weight plate storage, and accessories for an full body strength training experience.



Frame Material: Q235 Stainless Steel

Weight Stack (LB): 221 x 2

Lat Exercise: Yes

Chin-up Bar: Yes

High/Low Pulley: Yes

Low Pulley: Yes

Cable Cross Over: Yes

Smith Machine: Yes - (42 LB  Bar Weight)

Adjustable Front Squat Rack: Yes

Bench Included: No

Bench Features: N/A

Attachments Included: Olympic Bar (35 LB / 7 FT), Lat Pulldown bar, Safety Support Bars, Bicep Bar, 3 FT Rotational Bar, Dip Bar Attachment, J-hooks, Tricep Rope, Chain, Low Row Bar, Footrest

Footprint - Length (Inches): 67

Footprint - Width (Inches): 87

Footprint - Height (Inches): 92

Machine Weight (LB): 981

Warranty: 1 Year

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