Progression Hercules Olympic Bar 86" - (750 LB - 28 MM)

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Progression Hercules Olympic Bar 86" - (750 LB - 28 MM)-Olympic Bars-Progression Fitness-1
Progression Hercules Olympic Bar 86" - (750 LB - 28 MM)-Olympic Bars-Progression Fitness-2
Progression Hercules Olympic Bar 86" - (750 LB - 28 MM)-Olympic Bars-Progression Fitness-3
Progression Hercules Olympic Bar 86" - (750 LB - 28 MM)-Olympic Bars-Progression Fitness-4

Progression Hercules Olympic Bar 86" - (750 LB - 28 MM)

$220.00$220.00 $220.00$220.00$220.00$220.00$220.00$220.00$220.00$220.00$220.00 $220.00$220.00$220.00$220.00$220.00 $220.00

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Elevate Your Olympic Weightlifting with the Progression Fitness Hercules 86” Olympic Barbell: 

If you're ready to take your Olympic weightlifting to the next level, the Progression Hercules 86” Olympic Barbell is your ultimate companion. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this seven-foot barbell is your key to unlocking new heights in your lifting journey. 


Impressive Load Capacity: 

The Progression Hercules Olympic Barbell boasts two robust 16” outer sleeves, capable of accommodating a staggering 750 pounds of weight. This means you can confidently load up those plates, knowing that this high tensile strength barbell can handle the challenge. Whether you're a seasoned lifter pushing your limits or just beginning your weightlifting journey, this barbell is ready to support you. 


Smooth Lifting Motion: 

What sets this Olympic weightlifting barbell apart is its advanced engineering. Equipped with a combination of bushings and needle bearings, this barbell minimizes friction between the sleeves and the solid 28mm steel bar. As a result, your weight plates and sleeves experience an effortless roll, making your lifting motion feel smoother and more manageable. This means less resistance, so you can focus on your form and strength gains without hindrance. 


Enhanced Grip and Comfort: 

A secure and comfortable grip is essential for effective weightlifting. That's why we've equipped the Hercules Barbell with 16 inches of slip-proof knurling on both ends. The diamond pattern knurling strikes the perfect balance, allowing your hands to dig in without causing discomfort. Additionally, clear knurling marks indicate the ideal hand placement for the best possible lift. In the center of the bar, you'll find an extra 4 ¾” of more passive knurling. This specialized design ensures a reliable grip on your shirt without causing any damage, even when the barbell rests on your shoulders. 


Versatile and Ready for Action: 

The Progression Hercules Olympic Barbell isn't limited to just one style of lifting it's multi-purpose. It's suitable for various Olympic weightlifting exercises, including snatches, clean and jerks, as well as powerlifting bar deadlifts, bench and squats. This versatility means you can streamline your workout routine, utilizing one reliable barbell for all your lifting needs. 


Built to Last: 

Investing in your fitness equipment is an investment in your long-term health and performance. The Progression Hercules Barbell is engineered to endure the most rigorous training sessions, ensuring it remains a reliable companion throughout your fitness journey. The solid steel construction and top-notch craftsmanship guarantee longevity and consistent performance. 


Upgrade Your Weightlifting Game: 

Are you ready to experience the difference that a premium Olympic barbell can make in your training regimen? The Progression Hercules 86” Olympic Barbell is your path to enhanced strength and technique. With its exceptional load capacity, smooth lifting motion, and superior grip, you'll notice the difference from your first lift. Whether you're a dedicated weightlifter or a fitness enthusiast, this barbell is your ticket to a more successful weightlifting journey. 

Elevate your Olympic weightlifting experience with the Progression Fitness Hercules 86” Olympic Barbell. Embrace the power and precision that comes with this exceptional piece of equipment and set new personal bests on your fitness journey. 


Key Features: 

  • Load Capacity: Up to 750 pounds 
  • Smooth Rolling with Bushings and Needle Bearings 
  • Secure Grip with Diamond Knurling 
  • Durable Solid Steel Construction 
  • 44lb bar weight 


Experience the Progression Hercules Olympic Barbell: 

Upgrade your lifting game and conquer new challenges with the Progression Hercules Barbell. Whether you're an experienced weightlifter or just starting, this barbell is your path to a more successful and rewarding weightlifting experience. Trust in the Progression Fitness Hercules Olympic Barbell and aim higher with every lift. 


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Progression Fitness 

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Material: Chrome

Sleeve Rotation: Bearing + Bushing

Outer Sleeve: Chrome


Total Bar Length: 2200 MM / 86 5/8”

Bar Diameter: 28 MM / 1 1/8”

Bar Weight: 20 KG / 44 LBS

Total Sleeve Length: 441 MM / 17 3/8”

Outer Sleeve Length: 406 MM / 16”

Maximum Weight Capacity: 340.2 KG / 750 LB

Warranty: 6 Months From Manufacturer Defects

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