Progression Massage Gun

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Progression Massage Gun

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There’s virtually no place pain can hide from the Progression Fitness Massage Gun. It reaches isolated muscle aches and vibrates them out with intense deep-tissue massage.  Four specialized heads provide full-body and pin-point relief:

  • A Fork Head for working the edges of traps or other muscle
  • A Bullet Head for targeting specific trigger points
  • A Flat Head for working pain out of larger muscle groups,
  • A Round Head to allow you just the right touch around bones and sensitive areas.

Humming gently with Quiet Glide technology, this massager’s high-torque brushless motor delivers up to 3200 soothing percussions per minute over six speed settings.  A handy display on the back of the grip allows you to track your speed and the available power from your lithium-ion battery. A single charge on the AC Wall charger delivers over two hours of cordless, convenient comfort.



  • Six speeds, Providing up to 3200 Percussions per Minute for Full-Body Deep-Tissue Massage

  • Quiet but Powerful Brushless High-Torque Motor

  • Digital Display – Speed, Battery Power and OFF/ON/MULTI-SPEED Switches

  • Lasts 2 Hours on a Single Charge

Comes With:

  • Carrying Case

  • 4 Massage Heads

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery and AC Wall Charger

  • 1 Plug-in Charger

  • 30 Day Warranty

Amplitude: 10 MM (0.39”)

Stall Force: 60 LB

Battery: 4 - 5 Hours With Typical Usage

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