Spirit XE395 Elliptical Trainer

$2,699.00$2,699.00 $2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00 $2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00 $2,699.00
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Spirit XE395 Elliptical Trainer

$2,699.00$2,699.00 $2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00 $2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00$2,699.00 $2,699.00


Spirit XE395 Elliptical Trainer

Awarded the Fit Prof 2021 Best Buy Award!

The Spirit XE395 Elliptical Trainer is a premium fitness machine designed to elevate your workout experience. With 20 levels of electronic incline and three-pedal angle settings, each session is challenging and effective. This top-of-the-line elliptical combines proper ergonomics, and solid construction. These key feedback features keep the user engaged and on track toward achieving their fitness goals.

Key Features for Maximum Efficiency:

  • Dynamic Incline and Resistance: Customize your workouts with electronic incline adjustments and handlebar controls for resistance, ensuring a varied and challenging exercise routine.
  • Comprehensive Heart Rate Monitoring: Stay within your target zone using both contact and wireless monitoring options.
  • Advanced Display for Motivation: The bright 7.5” LCD screen keeps you informed and motivated by displaying important workout data and heart rate profiles.

Designed for Comfort and Durability:

  • Ergonomic Pedals: Comfortable large cushioned pedals featuring a narrow 2" spacing and inversion angle adjustment.
  • Optimal Stride Length: The 20” stride provides a smooth elliptical motion, accommodating users of all sizes.

Technology Integration:

The XE395 uses Bluetooth connectivity to sync your workout data with your devices. This seamless integration ensures that you remain connected and entertained throughout your fitness journey.

Versatile Workouts:

The XE395's adjustable incline and resistance not only allow for a dynamic workout experience. This versatility means that every workout can be tailored to meet your specific fitness goals. The ability to target various muscle groups with one machine maximizes the efficiency of your exercise time.

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Improvement:

Regular use of the XE395 contributes significantly to your cardiovascular health. Offering a full-body workout ensures your heart rate is elevated, which improves heart and lung function, reduces the risk of heart disease, and boosts overall stamina. The consistent challenge posed by the elliptical's varied programs encourages gradual and sustained improvements in your fitness level.

Joint-Friendly Exercise:

One of the most compelling reasons to choose the XE395 is its low-impact nature. Elliptical workouts provide a fluid motion that mimics natural movement without harsh impact. This makes it an ideal option for those with joint concerns, ensuring you can maintain fitness without compromising your health.

User-Friendly Controls:

The Spirit XE395 uses intuitive handlebar controls allow you to easily adjust your workout intensity without interrupting your rhythm. This accessibility ensures that you remain immersed in your workout, maintaining momentum and focus from start to finish.

Effective Calorie Burning:

The XE395, can provide high-intensity workouts as an effective tool in weight management and fat loss. The dual action of working both the upper and lower body results in higher energy expenditure, making your workouts more effective.

Sustainable Fitness Solution:

The durability and quality of the Spirit XE395 ensure that it is a long-term investment in your health. With features designed to grow with you as your fitness level advances, making it a partner in any fitness journey.

Step onto the Spirit XE395 Elliptical and discover the difference a well-designed machine can make in your workouts. Its solid construction, intuitive controls, and customizable features make it a standout choice for anyone serious about their health and fitness. With the XE395, reaching your fitness goals has never been more attainable or more enjoyable.

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Manufacturer: Spirit

Footprint - Width (Inches): 28

Footprint - Length (Inches): 75

Footprint - Height (Inches): 63

Machine Weight (LBS): 216

Max User Weight (LBS): 400

Programs: Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Interval, Fusion, Calorie, 2 Heart Rate, 2 User

Displays: 7.5” Blue Backlit LCD, Heart Rate % Profile, Muscle Activation Profile, Integrated Reading Rack

Plug-in Requirements: Standard Outlet

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Fan: Yes

Audio: AUX 3.5 MM Jack

Resistance: 20 Levels

Stride Length (Inches): 20

Flywheel Weight: 30 LBS

TV Screen: No

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