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Sportsart S775 Pinnacle Trainer

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Special Order

Sportsart S775 Pinnacle Trainer

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Never has a cross trainer offered such incredible diversity. Users want variety. Personal Trainers require unique tools to achieve greater client results. Athletes seek power development. Everyone is looking for enhanced balance and lateral stability.

Now you really can have it all. Pinnacle. The only cross trainer that combines both linear and lateral motions, adjustable stride width, variable foot position and unique handle positioning for an unprecedented workout of infinite variety.

  • Users can simulate all forms of climb plus have the option to perform short stride intervals in wider positions – ideal for sports conditioning
  • Stride length is user defined to promote a variety of goals and training modalities
  • Two footplate adjustments provides greater comfort when exercising for longer periods or more aggressive positioning for training at higher intensities


Overall Weight: 370 lbs.

Dimensions: 69” x 43” x 76”

Resistance Level: 40 levels

Stride Length: up to 27"

Maximum User Weight:  500 lbs.

Feedback: Calories/Calories per hour , Distance , Time , Speed , METS , WATTS , Heart Rate (Actual and Target) , Steps , Resistance Levels

Workout programs: Manual , Mountain , Plateau , Interval , Cardio, Weight, Loss and Custom HRC , Fat Burn , Fit Test