2 Steps To Motivation

Getting from the ''idea" stage to the "doing" stage is the key to all fitness efforts. Frankly, if I could solve that one issue I would have the cure to most issues facing the world. 

So what is motivation? Well, it's the thought that causes you to do something. These thoughts fall into a few general categories:

  • 1.Holy crap!
  • 2.Uh-oh
  • 3.Hmmm.

'Holy crap' motivations are things like wedding photos or beach vacations marked on a calendar.You want to look better for a particular event and there is a definite deadline. Or, it could be that you've signed up for a 5 km race on a particular day and you want to finish and maybe do better than another time.In either case, there is a looming deadline to a public event.

"Uh-oh" motivations are things like your pants are too tight, you can't keep-up with the kids, or on a grander scale a heart attack. You don't have a deadline but there has been a realisation that things need to change, and change soon or even now. 

"Hmm" motivations are the long-term no-particular-item things that have grinded at you and you finally get launched into action.That nagging voice in your head finally wins the argument.

So, if I were to look for motivation, I would:

  • 1.List why things need to change – actually write things down ranging from health to lifestyle to vanity to whatever else you can think of (hide this list but keep it handy, or post it on Facebook, whatever works for you, just do it).
  • 2.Set a public deadline – commit to a sunny trip (sort of a reward and swimsuit threat all tied together) or a public run or post on Facebook "today I publically declare that by ____ date I will ____; trust me, you will be motivated and your friends and enemies will remind you of it.

Now, how do you accomplish this goal? Set daily tasks you can put a check-mark beside and track your progress.

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