Chandell's Fitness Must Haves

For me there are just certain things that I 'need' in order have a great workout:

Good Running Shoes

This is an absolute must. If you are finishing your workout and the bottom of your feet are hurting or are extremely sore, chances are you don't have on proper shoes. For me I really like Asics running shoes, but I found they fell apart in the heel quickly. I love Nike's though and I have a few different types and they all look brand new. So, whatever the brand is just make sure they feel good and are giving you the comfort and support you need.


If you're like me, you need music blaring in your workout or else you can't get it done. Now almost all phones you purchase come with the standard earphones, but in my opinion they fall out constantly and if your sweating lots they don't sound right. So purchase some good earphones! I have the Yurbuds Inspire 100 For Women - I literally never have to adjust them and they never fall out, it's perfect. I believe they were $25 bucks, so not an awful price.

Workout specific clothes

When I first started working out, I worked out in my sweats or pyjamas. I didn't see the point of spending money on clothes in sizes I didn't want to be in anymore so I used it as extra motivation for the first while. After that I got a good pair of 'workout' capris. For me that is always my go-to to workout in. In the dead heat of the summer and if I am outside running I will wear shorts... but my preference is always capris and a semi flowy top (not cotton!). My personal fav is Lulelemon's 'Wunder Under' capris or 'In the flows.' Even though these are a spendier purchase they hold after wears and most importantly are comfortable when working out. Tops I like Target's Champion brand or Lululemon's '105F singlets'. My advice is just always to try things on if you haven't purchased before. There are TONS of athletic brands out there and I am sure everyone will have their own preferences so just take the time to try things on and figure out what's best for you!

Makeup or no makeup

This one is such a personal preference. Some people like to wash their face before they workout so their face doesn't feel heavy and other people like to wear waterproof stuff so that it doesn't come off. Whatever feels right for you, that is best. For me, I need to have on my 'eyebrows' at all times. I don't really have a preference on the rest of my makeup being on or off in a workout... just my brows, mostly because I am brow obsessed and the second they are not on I start to get self conscious. So for me, my makeup brand has always been Mac Lingering for them. Then just last week I did something that I am so so sooo excited about. I got my eyebrows done with tattoo feathering. It's a semi permanent tattoo that lasts 1-3 years and looks like actual hair strokes. I got it done by Luxaderm in Regina and I couldn't be MORE excited with the results.

To not have to worry about this step in my daily routine is huge- I can sweat so hard and they will still be there and I am just in love with them (note... it hurt like way worse then any tattoo I have ever gotten done, so if you're considering, be ready for the pain because I wasn't.)

Whatever your products or 'needs' that help you get through that workout each and every time is what's important to you.

I truly think that as women we have enough things going on at all times and working out is about our health and feeling better about ourselves. So if a product can help you feel confident or make the workout seem easier, then that's what counts.

I hope you guys have all been enjoying this beautiful Fall weather like I have!!

Have a great week guys!


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